9 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

It takes more than scattered rose petals forming a heart shape on the bed.

Updated on June 30, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


Transform your bedroom into a romantic retreat—and not just for Valentine's Day. Come home to a more inviting and dreamy bedroom with these tips:

1. Personalise it. What better way to make the bedroom exclusively yours than by decorating it with items that represent you? You can hang your favourite portrait by the headboard, use his and hers pillows, or display your initials using letterpress wooden letters.


2. Create mood lighting using string lights. Instead of installing expensive mood lights, you can get a little help from string lights to inject that romantic, whimsical ambience you've always dreamed of in your bedroom.


3. Use a common scent. Scents seduce our senses and can immediately put us in a relaxed mood. For your bedroom, choose a scent that reminds you and your partner of things you love. What about a scent close to his favourite cologne?

4. Get rid of mood killers. Clutter and work-related stuff? Keep them out of the bedroom, please! A messy bedroom does not spell romance at all. Let the office papers pile up in a separate study area, not in your sleeping sanctuary.

5. Mind your mattress. No matter how much effort you put into creating a romantic setting, it won't make you and your partner happily stay here if the bed is not comfortable enough. Your bed should be a place you would never want to leave. (Read: Guide to Mattress Shopping)


6. Beautify your bedside. Don't settle for a nightstand that only serves as a parking space for keys, books, or just about anything. Use this space to display items that will boost the romantic ambience. (Read: 23 Styling Ideas for your Bedside Table)

7. Set the mood through music. Fill the room with music that will put you in a relaxed mood. For a more romantic ambience, play some smooth jazz or R&B music—much better if have a good wireless speaker in the bedroom. (Read: Buying Guide: Wireless Speakers)

8. Take design inspirations from hotel-like HDB bedrooms. Even with space limitations, some HDB flats were able to achieve comfort and a hint of luxury in their sleeping quarters. Be inspired by these 10 contemporary hotel-like HDB bedrooms.


9. Display heart-shaped decors. It doesn't hurt to display some love-themed decors in your bedroom. Whether it's a photo frame or a cushion, a heart-shaped item can put a smile on your face in the morning.

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