Make Your Home Office Work for You

Working from home can be an ideal setup—but only if you set up your home office the right way.

Updated on August 08, 2017 16:08 pm

Camille Besinga

creating home office at your apartment

So you’ve quit your day job and have declared to all your clients and friends that you will be growing your business from within the comforts of home. Congratulations to you! Now where to start?

fun and bright colours for your work desk at home


a spacious and luxurious home office

Design by WhiteBoard

Here are the basic things you must have when organising your home-based office:

• A specific area where you can effectively separate home life and work life.

This can be an extra room (or underused guest room) you can convert into an office, or even just a few square feet of space in a living room that you can “close off” with a divider.

vintage style home office room with mint green wallpaper


Your future “guests” will have to make do with sleeping on the couch, now that you’ve converted your guest room into a home office.

a small corner for an intimate work desk


That tiny nook between the dining room and kitchen is just perfect for a work table and a couple of shelves.

a corner in the room for a dedicated work space in the study room


• Communications equipment is key.

It should include a fully functioning computer and Internet connection, a landline telephone (better if it comes with a speakerphone or conferencing function), and fax machine. There are many multi-function models of printers available in the market at very affordable prices, and check if you can get printers that come with a scanner, copier, and even a fax machine in one. Have an external hard drive with huge storage space (think in terabytes), so you won’t be scrambling to delete files whenever you need the space.

invest in a good ergonomic chair for your home office

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• Choose an ergonomically sound chair and table.

This can usually affect your budget, but remember that you’ll be spending many hours using these pieces of furniture, and the money you spend now for them will be the money you save for treatment of back pain and posture problems later on.

classic dark wood furnished home office

Design by Space Vision Design

bright shelving options for keeping your home office organized

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• Have enough storage options.

Filing cabinets, drawers, shelves, boxes with labels, cork boards, magnet boards, or peg boards all provide organised storage for your files and supplies.

pastel pink perfect for ladies home office


Office supply stores offer lots of inexpensive but sturdy furniture and equipment that can help you efficiently organise your space.

ample storage for keeping work documents in the home office


Make desks out of filing cabinets by lining them against the wall and placing a long counter on top.

NYC loft style for a stylish home office


• Make sure you have adequate overhead and task lighting.

Fixed, overhead lighting is especially good if you don’t have enough sources of natural day light streaming into the room. Task lighting is good for when you’re working on a craft project, or for those days when you need to go on “overtime” and work well after sunset.

install good lighting for the study room and home office

Design by WhiteBoard

Now on to decorating your work station (a.k.a. the fun part!). Check out the ideas below that you can use to inspire you when decking out your home office.

decorate your home office into a stylish and neat space


Design by Living Gaia

If you have a great view outside, open up your home office by installing windows or glass doors. This will help you rest your eyes when you’ve been too busy cooped up in front of the computer.

use of bold wallpaper to create an elegant home office


Don’t be afraid to use elegant wallpaper—it’s your space, and you’ll be spending lots of time in it, so better surround yourself with all things beautiful.

vintage chandelier and statement armchairs are fit for a home office for visitors


Use luxe furnishings particularly when your business requires you to entertain clients in your office. A vintage chandelier, iconic Panton chairs, and jacquard-upholstered armchairs will impress a potential client enough into signing that deal.

a bright and wood theme home office


Natural materials like wood and stone keep things looking organic yet comfy in the office, and a real indoor plant actually helps filter out toxins in the air.

install a backdrop for your work desk to decorate your home office


Create a beautiful backdrop for your work desk. This is what your clients and business partners will be looking at while meeting with you, so let the backdrop frame your face and cast a lovely golden light on you (and your business).

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