7 Ways to Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

Yes, it's challenging. But you can make it work!

Updated on November 17, 2017 8:11 am

Luisa Wong

Ways to Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship (LDR) is tough and challenging. As much as you’d like to spend time with your special someone, you just have to wait until you’re back in the same city.

Here are some tips to survive a long-distance relationship especially when the going gets tough and the longing becomes too much:


1. Be open about your emotions with your partner.

No one knows what you’re going through better than your partner. Tell him/her how you feel at the moment and let him/her give you the assurance you need that it will all work out for the better. Having an open communication in an LDR does not only promote trust but also allows both of you to check on each other and extend support whenever needed.

2. Technology is your best friend.

Isn’t it great to know that no matter how far, you can still talk to your SSO real-time? Take advantage of all means of communication, such as video calling, messaging apps, and even online multiplayer games that allow you to inject some fun in the relationship while being apart!


3. Schedule regular calls.

While you have all the technology you need, it is important for long-distance couples to communicate regularly. Your phone or computer won’t be of any use to your relationship if you can’t get hold of your partner. Set-up Skype calls every weekend when both of you don’t have to go to work or make sure you check on each other every day even for just a few minutes. Sparing some time to talk—may it be just for a few minutes every week—can help ease the longing.

4. Trust, trust, trust.

One of the biggest hurdles in an LDR is worrying if your partner is cheating on you or letting jealousy get in the way. However, studies have shown that couples in LDRs are not at more likely to cheat than those who are close to each other. When you find yourself fretting about your partner’s whereabouts or wondering who she/he is with, remember that trust could be your life-saver.

5. Don’t close yourself off from what’s happening around you.

It is great to spend time catching up with your partner whenever you can, but don’t let your relationship shut you off from the rest of the world. Continue spending time with your friends and family, and let him do the same. This way, you both won’t feel like you’re missing out on life. Follow your interests and passion, and work on creating the best version of yourself. Use your time apart to prepare for the day when you’re back together.


6. Have something to look forward to.

Whether it is visiting your partner or planning a trip together, having something to look forward to makes the distance less dreadful and more exciting. It can also be as simple as an online movie date or an anniversary Skype call. Anything that involves a countdown will make you realise that LDRs can also feel like normal relationships.

7. Plan for the future—together.

When you entered an LDR, you also accepted the challenges that come with it, including the possibility of one day closing the distance. While it can be extremely hard, being in an LDR is already an indication that you want a future with your partner so make the most of your relationship and try to plan for your future together by knowing who is willing to move to a new city as well as the options to make it happen. This may include finding a new job, moving to a new school, or setting a timeline of when you both would want to settle down.

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