10 Cool Ideas for Your Kids’ Playroom

Itching to fix up your kids’ fantasyland? Check out these great ideas to spruce them up.

Updated on December 21, 2017 10:12 am

Camille Besinga

setting up kids playroom

We all want what’s best for our kids, and when it comes to their playroom, parents have a tendency to pull out all the stops! Racking your brain for bright ideas?

Let these images inspire and excite you—and your mini mes too!


Low shelves and kid-sized furniture ensure your tiny tots can reach for their favourite toys and books, and clean up just as easily.

use of fun posters and quirky beds


Let the most active and imaginative members of the household hole up in their own “treehouse” loft by enclosing bed spaces with walls and reinforcing structures with exposed beams.

a bed or sitting corner with wheels for children


A bed on wheels? Heaven for your little explorer, who’s set on exploring “other lands.”

a fun bed with furnitures that double up as play areas


Little girls love “keeping house”, so let them have their own tiny home to look after with pint-sized furniture and appliances.

fairy lights add as decorations for a girlish style


Baubles, buntings, and fairy lights add a fantastic touch to wee bedrooms.

use of rugs and carpets to create a fun and bright room


Make playtime safe by covering up floors with furry shag rugs and carpet tiles that cushion energetic jumpers.

bunk beds


Bunk beds and lofts are perfect for siblings who share room space, but not necessarily play space.

tents are always great for kids playing indoors


Set up a tiny tent in your kids’ play area, so they can play-pretend camping while indoors.

use of chalkboard on cabinets surface


Kids love drawing on any surface, and a chalkboard wall or cabinet doors will give them the drawing board they need (without giving you mini heart attacks).

make space for toys and for children to play on the ground


When it’s time to bring out the toys, your kids will need all the space they can get. Push furniture against the wall so that they have a large enough play area to spread out their little friends.

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