A Celebration of Heritage Delights at Min Jiang at One-North

Indulge in delicious classic Chinese cuisine at Min Jiang at one-north.

Updated on August 10, 2017 16:08 pm

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Min Jiang at One-North Heritage Treasures Platter

From now until 31 August, diners can enjoy the best of modern Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine at Min Jiang at One-North, with its special menu that features iconic dishes in Singapore in the 1960s to the 1980s. Called "A Celebration of Heritage Delights," the menu will feature dishes that are inspired by tradition and given a contemporary makeover, each requiring meticulous preparation that showcases Master Chef Goh Chee Kong’s skills.

Favourites include the Crisp-fried Teochew-style shrimp roll that’s a mix of shrimp and water chestnut, wrapped in beancurd skin, and served with house-made Golden Orange Oil, as well as the Braised "Wuxi" spare ribs that is a tantalising combination of braised tender meat and sweet rich sauce.

Min Jiang at One-North Heritage Treasures Platter

Heritage Treasures Platter

One dish that showcases Master Chef Goh’s skills is the Deep-fried Crabmeat with Chicken Liver and Salted Egg Yolk, that is a flavourful mix of fresh crabmeat, rose wine and oyster sauce-marinated chicken liver, and salted egg yolk, handcrafted into a shape of an egg.

Another wholesome favourite is the Double-Boiled Whole Winter Melon with Eight Treasures that comes with a wonderful combination of duck, chicken, prawns and freshly-peeled crabmeat, Chinese mushrooms, dried scallop, Chinese ham and wolfberries, lightly blanched and added to a chicken broth with a whole winter melon that’s personally carved by Master Chef Goh.

Min Jiang at One-North Double Boiled Whole Winter Melon with Eight Treasures.jpg

Double Boiled Whole Winter Melon with Eight Treasures

One light and fragrant number is the tender Steamed Chicken with Ham and Kai Lan, where the chicken is deboned and diced with Chinese ham and served with a dollop of ginger paste. Wrap up the meal with a Banana Toffee, which is bite-sized banana pieces that’s lightly crisp with a drizzle of caramelised sugar.

All senior citizens aged 60 years old and above will enjoy a 15% discount on the heritage dishes during this period.

Min Jiang at One-North
No 5 Rochester Park
Tel: 65 6774 0122

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