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review and tour of heartland cafes in singapore

Are you waiting to collect the keys to your first love nest? Are you tired of the same old style, and are looking for ideas to renovate your house? With so many design ideas in the market, it can get overwhelming to decide on a style. Where’s a better place to brainstorm than one with a great ambience, filled with mouthwatering smells of food, coffee, and tea? Make it a date (or dates) with your significant other or family members, and café hop while you decide on THE style. Scroll on for our yummy recommendations!

Minimalist Style:

The Plain

If you would like to know whether minimalism is for you, make a trip down to this café. If you feel most relaxed and comfortable here, this is probably the style for you!

the plain cafe at tanjong pagar

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

interior design of the plain cafe

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

The Plain embraces an industrial-meets-minimalist style. Grey concrete walls, pendant lamps, simple wooden tables, and steel-legged stools fill the interior. A green leather sofa stands out from among the cooler colours and adds an inviting feel to the entrance of the café.

industrial minimalist interior design at the plain cafe

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Place a vase of flowers on a dining table, and you get great harmony and a serene ambience. Wouldn’t this look awesome at your dining area?

scandinavian minimalist dining table with dried flower decoration

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Soft lights, indoor plants, and minimal wall décor create a peaceful area for chilling and reading.

industrial wall decor at the plan cafe

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

The grey wall is a great canvas for the greenery on floating wall shelves.

indoor vines and plants at the plain cafe

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore


This café does minimalism with style. Percolate is a heartland café in Bedok that provides quiet escape and great coffee.

percolate cafe at bedok

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Innovative use of concrete blocks as table legs hints at raw industrial style and is a pleasant surprise among the sleek and composed minimalist décor.

interior design bar counter seats at percolate cafe at bedok

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

food ordering counter at percolate cafe in bedok

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

The Contemporary Style:


artease cafe in serangoon central

Tucked away in a quiet corner in Serangoon Central is a humble café done in contemporary black and white décor. The Artease features pristine white tiles, modern black track lightings, and bright yellow bar stools. The simplicity and clean straight lines are quintessentially contemporary, and are great inspirations for a modern home. We hear they sell great bubble tea, too!

bright interiors of artease cafe in serangoon central

Bright yellow stools are perfect for a contemporary dining room with a monotonous colour scheme. Yellow is also known for cheering the spirit and wheting your appetite!

food ordering counter at artease cafe

Splashes of bright colours lighten up the mood in this café.

chic kitchen counters at artease cafe

Source: Artease photos

White tiled kitchen counters look contemporary and chic while retaining a kind of nostalgic old school look. Combine this look with simple conical hanging lamps and black track lightings, and you get an awesome contemporary décor.

Industrial Style:

Lola Café

lola cafe has an industrial design decor

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Lola Café is located along a street populated with heartland style shophouses and famous eateries. The beautiful industrial design and affordable yet good food keep this place filled throughout the day. So do expect a queue when you go there!

The unique light bulb lightings that cast a warm glow over the interior and the cosy setup make a very inviting and homey ambience. Artfully hung black frames that decorated the grey washed walls add a playful feel to the overall design.

quirky frames decor at lola cafe

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Whimsical Style:

Windowsill in the Woods

Do you love the whimsical look and feel, or do you want to achieve this style for your child's room?

Windowsill in the Woods at Jalan Besar, with its mouthwatering pies and fascinating fairytale-like décor, assures you an unforgettable dining experience.

windowsill in the woods cafe in Jalan Besar

delicious pies and tea at windowsill cafe


Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café

A café named after the famous Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland sprung up in the heartlands. Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café paid special attention to the details of the décor. This wall has chalkboards designed in whimsical silhouettes of fairytale characters, and bewitching golden wall lamps with leaf patterns and a magical feel.

hatter street bakehouse and cafe at Kovan

Quirky ceiling fans in bright colours accentuate the wonderland theme.

the quirky and brightly decorated cafe is famous for their waffles


The Classical Style:


antoinette cafe penhas road is classic and elegant

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Is classic elegance the style for you? Head over to Antoinette on Penhas Road, a gem among the heartland shops. This French patisserie with a classical theme interior design is famous for its delicious cakes.

antoinette - french patisserie famous for cakes and desserts

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

Unmistakably classical, the chandelier, sofas, chairs, and wall design give the café an exquisite and opulent air.

classic french victorian interior design at antoinette

Photo credits to: Cafehopping Singapore

The exquisitely carved bathroom vanity counter with marble tops and gold plated faucets is nothing short of luxurious.

Vintage Style:

The Coffee Daily

If you are sentimental or an avid collector of vintage items, this interior design style goes well with your avocation.

the coffee daily cafe has a vintage style
the coffee daily is a vintage cafe that has good coffee

The Coffee Daily is a spacious vintage café that serves great coffee and light meals. Old calendar, white tiled walls, and an assortment of old school chairs are recollections of Singapore’s past.

mix of different types of chair gives off an eclectic retro ambience

An eclectic mix of chairs gives character to this design. This red and blue rubber band chair are especially popular in the olden days.

vintage flasks and decorative items at the daily coffee cafe

Vintage water flasks and telephones are among the many nostalgic ornaments on display.

retro style counter table at the daily coffee cafe

Source: The Coffee Daily

This dining table with old metal grilles upcycled as table legs makes a terrific statement in an old school style dining room! Fabric upholstered wooden stools are perfect match for the table.

Old Habits

old habits is a vintage style cafe at telok blangah

Nestled within the old housing estate of Telok Blangah is a quaint vintage boutique and café called Old Habits. If you are a fan of vintage charms, this café will not disappoint you.

retro posters at the old habits cafe

Hanging light bulbs and old school posters adorn the walls of this café. The chairs and tables are also precious vintage collections.

Source: Old Habits photos

Intrigued to know that a few of these cafes are right around the corner of your home or workplace, and yet goes unnoticed until now? Select a few cafés and start experiencing the styles you’d love for your home design!


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