Seafood Paradise: Sinar Malay Seafood

At first glance, Sinar Malay Seafood may not seem like much. But for those in the know—especially among diners who reside in Jurong—it is a gem hidden in plain sight, housed within the humble environs of a coffee shop below a block of HDB flats.

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sinar malay seafood singapore

Like any respectable zichar stall, Sinar Malay Seafood offers an extensive menu comprising rice, noodles, soups, stir-fries, seafood, meats, and vegetables, at prices one would expect to see in older residential districts outside of the CBD.

Signatures here include sam lou kway teow with salted egg chicken, Thai-style steamed fish, and Thai-style honey chicken wing, among several others. Expect to find sufficient wok hei in the kway teow, which lends the dish depth of aroma and flavour; the accompanying salted egg chicken, covered in crisp flawless batter, is tender and juicy and yields to the bite easily.

The steamed fish, prepared using sea bass, is highly appetising with its delicate blend of sour and spicy flavours. Honey chicken wing is expertly prepared, boasting flavours of restrained sweetness and spice that seem to be derived from a judicious use of kaffir lime and fish sauce.

sinar malay seafood singapore

Departing from the conventional chilli and black/white pepper options, Sinar offers a dish of salted egg yolk crab, which also shares the limelight with other signature items. Rich and aromatic, the salted egg yolk sauce has just the right consistency to cling to the crab, although a little more chilli padi and/or curry leaves would give it a fabulous flavour boost.

sinar malay seafood singapore

Kangkong belacan is also very enjoyable. Neither too wilted or soggy, it affords alluring and balanced flavours with the right amount of chilli heat that keeps one going back for more. Be sure also to order the crispy fish skin—crisp and flavourful, and great for dipping into salted egg yolk sauce, it’s perfect for setting the stage before you tuck in to the mains.

Sinar Malay Seafood

  • Blk 456 Jurong West St. 41 #01-750
    Tel: 65/6569-7583
  • Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave.5 #01-2771
    Tel: 65/6456-6605
  • Blk 820 Tampines St.81 #01-506
    Tel: 65/6604-8629
  • Blk 505 West Coast Drive #01-208
    Tel: 65/6352-0766

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