10 Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas

Make the most out of your bathroom space—limited or not—with these organising and storage tips.

Updated on June 12, 2017 11:06 am

Samantha Echavez


1. Use a stepping stool to organise your towels and display knickknacks.


Get this: BEKVÄM Step Stool, $24.90, Ikea

2. Organise your bathroom items using baskets, and label them accordingly.


Get this: Stackable square rattan basket with handle, $49, Muji

3. Install floating shelves on the space above the toilet.


Get this: EKBY AMUND White Shelf, $35, Ikea. This has to be installed using 3 EKBY brackets for 28 cm deep shelves, sold separately.

4. Maximise the space under the sink—install pullout drawers for added storage.


Get this: Excel Soft Closing Large Drawer System, $65, Excel. You will also need the Excel slow motion runner, $22, and slides/tracks, $22.

5. Store toothbrushes and other dental care items in a wall-hung container.


Get this: STUGVIK Toothbrush Holder, $6.90, Ikea

6. Make the most out of an empty wall space by mounting an open shelf or a cabinet.


Get this: Ester White Metal Wall Mounted Shelf, $140, Hemma.

7. Go for a narrow storage tower rack to store all your bathroom must-haves, from towels to liquid dispensers.


Get this: Shelf Trolley, $154, Howards Storage World

8. For a clutter-free and cleaner countertop, opt for a soap dispenser and toiletries set.


Get this: Beige Rock Toiletries Set, $59, iwannagohome

9. Store toiletries, toilet paper, or towels in a hanging organiser at the back of your bathroom door.


Get this: Hanging towel rack, $34.63, Etsy

10. Decorative items like candles plus toiletries can be placed on a tray conveniently located at the top of the toilet.


Get this: Ethno Tray, $95, Bo Concept

How about you? Do you have any bathroom storage ideas to share? Let us know by emailing us at hello@cromly.com.

Cover photo courtesy of Etsy

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