10 Items At Home You Never Knew You Could Repurpose

These pieces that would normally end up in trash can still have a second lease on life.

Updated on June 05, 2017 23:06 pm

Jerni Camposano


Broken and old objects at home need not go to the waste bin immediately. As you know by now, there are a lot of ways to reuse them. Repurposing, by definition, is changing something so it can serve another purpose.

Jeff Yeager, author of Don't Throw That Away: 1,001 Ways to Reuse Your Stuff, says: "When you think about it, 'repurposing'—also known as 'upcycling'—should have been one of the first words ever invented."

He adds: "But it's only been recently—thanks in part to the economic belt tightening prompted by the recession and the burgeoning green movement—that we've begun to rediscover something that those souls who lived through the Great Depression—and those who lived before—came to know so well: There are all kinds of practical, money-saving ways to reuse stuff that our generation has come to simply throw away."

Add an interesting twist to your home by creatively repurposing an item headed for the junk pile. If you have any of these 10 pieces at home, get your creative soul working with these repurposing projects.

Bicycle Wheel


Having a small kitchen is no excuse to allow clutter to take over this space at home. Organise your pots and pans by hanging them from a bicycle wheel rack on the ceiling.

Vintage Luggage


Combine your love for vintage and pets in this DIY project. Turn an old suitcase into a bed for your furry friend. Get step-by-step instructions here.

Children's Hangers


Okay, these hangers may not necessarily be old and unloved. But just look at what beauty they can turn into when stacked together? This "Chromatic Screen" divider by LIKEarchitects is made up of 2,000 children's hangers from IKEA.

Grand Piano


Need a stunning focal piece in your outdoor garden? If this piano-cum-outdoor-fountain set does not impress your visitors, we don't know what will.

Mason Jar


A mason jar is a moulded glass jar used for food preservation, and has been popular with DIY aficionados in recent years. It's no wonder why, as you can easily turn it into another object in the house (we listed down 21). Collect a few unused mason jars, clean them up, and use them to create this unique aqua chandelier.



If you've got more books than you can handle (we understand, really!), then that means you need more bookshelves. Show your collection some love by converting a broken ladder into a bookcase.

Pipe Valves


Your coat rack doesn't have to be boring. Be fun and creative by recycling old water pipe valves and mounting them on the wall from which you can hang a variety of small items. This is a great way to avoid clutter in your entryway.

Scrabble Tiles


Got a whole bunch of unused Scrabble tiles at home? Glue them together and create one-of-a-kind coasters that will surely impress your guests when you host a fab party in your pad.

Dining Chairs


Complete the laid-back and cosy vibe of your French provincial home or country style space by adding a French bench in the decor. Turn a worn-out dining chair into a beautiful seat by following these steps.



Strum your way to DIY mastery by giving new purpose to that beloved musical instrument of yours. Cut out the center of the guitar, sand down the rough edges, and paint it to your desired design. Once done, mount it on the wall and voila, a display shelf for your many knick knacks!

(Want to read more about the many DIY projects you can do at home? We've got a long list.)

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