10 Smart Ways to Make The Most of Your Closet

Save more space in your closet and say goodbye to clutter!

Updated on February 07, 2018 8:02 am

Jemma Chiu

10 Smart Ways to Organise Your Closet

Isn't it a delight to see a tidy, organised wardrobe regardless of how big or small it is? However, our closets can sometimes turn into a mess and be the most stressful area of our home.

Worry no more because we’ve sifted through tons of closet hacks to make it simple for you!

1. Sort and donate.


First off, if you wanted an organised wardrobe, you need to start with your clothes. Set aside an afternoon to start sorting through your messy wardrobe and pick which ones should stay and which one should be donated. In this way, you can minimise the clutter in your wardrobe.

2. Go vertical.


If you have a narrow wardrobe, this one is a space-saving solution! You can vertically hang your clothes by using metal chains, shower curtain rings, or soda can pulls. There are a lot of videos available online on how to DIY a vertical clothes hanger so don’t worry if you don’t know what to do.

3. Categorise your clothes.


Classify your clothes and accessories, and group them together. This is probably the most popular way to organise your wardrobe. This way, you are making your pants, shirts, and so on visible and neat enough to see which one you need at a certain time. You can take this further by grouping your clothes by colour.

4. Use bookshelves as storage and dividers.


A clever hack that almost everyone uses is repurposing bookshelves as storage and dividers. You can see multiple bookshelves to store your bags, shoes, as well as using them as dividers for your folded clothes.

5. Use old wine dividers.


You still got those wine dividers from the holidays? Don’t throw it in the bin just yet! Keep your shoes organised by inserting them into these wine dividers.

6. Consider pegboards.


If you have a pegboard stored somewhere in your home, you may use it to organise your accessoris. Add hooks to keep your jewellery, scarves, belts, and headdresses.

7. Maximise the wardrobe door.


Maximise your wardrobe by using the doors. You can hang all your daily essentials and grab them easily whenever you need 'em. Attach coat hooks, rods, and pegboards to make this tiny corner useful.

8. Make use of the space on top of your wardrobe.


In organising your closet, it is wise to use every bit of space available—like the top of your wardrobe. Use bins for your out-of-season items and store them on top. Carefully label the bins and just get it whenever you need the stuff in there.

9. Hang your hangers in opposite directions.


Here's another trick that might be useful to keep track of the clothes you wear and don’t wear. When organising your wardrobe, start will all the hangers pointing the same way. Once you’ve worn something, hang it back up the opposite direction. In this way, you’ll know which clothes are not useful to you. Toss or donate them.

10. Apply the heel-to-toe hack.


If you have a huge collection of shoes, make sure that you store them heel-to-toe style so you can maximise the space in your wardrobe.

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