10 Stylish and Super Comfy Chairs for Your Home

Chic ergonomic chairs that will fit in your living room, dining room, and home office

Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

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A chair is never just a chair—it's an aesthetic statement, an expression of one's self, an act of storytelling. Its functionality and design have an impact on mood—a luxuriously cushioned sofa brings people together, dining chairs that are comfy and cosy encourage longer talk time around the dining table. Nowadays, chairs are expected to fulfill ergonomic functions, too. The more ergonomic, the better.

A well-designed and well-thought-out home is not just populated by seating furniture that is statement-making and sleek, but also comfy to sit on and optimised for easy use. One brand that produces such furniture? Wilkhahn.

Wilkhahn is a German supplier of office furniture that is known for its high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture which has become a benchmark for the entire industry. Through in-depth research with health and sports scientists and evolution of design expertise over the ages, Wilkhahn has mastered the art and science of dynamic sitting and made the utilitarian act of sitting much better. Two of its creations—the three-dimensional ON and IN—are considered the best ergonomic task chairs in the market.

Wilkhahn chairs are durable ("We want you to enjoy using your Wilkhahn furniture for as long as possible," the makers promise), environmentally friendly, and customisable (according to your preferred fabric, texture, and colour). But its craftsmanship and comfort are Wilkhahn's cornerstone—whether permanently elastic high-tech shells, breathable foams, natural nonwovens, frames with materials stretched over them or luxurious sprung cushioning, Wilkhahn has developed the upholstery technique best suited to the seating.

Now, while Wilkhahn designer chairs are primarily made for the workplace environment, their stylish design and top-notch quality have made them ideal for private residences, too. Here are our favourite Wilkhahn chairs that exemplify quality and timeless design.

1. Velas. This is a lightweight classy lounge furniture that features a fluid design and a casual-yet-commanding look. Its lined knitted fabric cover has levels of elasticity to make the seating more comfortable. Pair it with the Velas footstool for an airy feel.

Where to use it: Reading nook, living room

2. Sito. Cantilever chairs are versatile and stackable, and this kind from Wilkhahn features backrest shells with armrest pads. Its matte or bright chrome-plated frame give it a casual-exclusive appeal. Fully upholstered, the Sito is a welcome addition to a home.

Where to use it: Home office or dining area

3. Graph. It's a beautiful piece that blends straight edges and fluid lines, flat and curved surfaces, soft and hard features. Extra padding is incorporated into the fully upholstered seat and back frame for superior comfort.

Where to use it: Home office

4. Cubis. This cube-shaped piece with a striking aluminium frame profile looks at home in a bachelor's pad or any contemporary home. The firm upholstery and seating height offer comfort and make getting up easier for older people.

Where to use it: Living room, family room, bedroom

5. Chassis. Available in 33 colour and textile combinations, the Chassis is a contoured and lightweight seat which features a fluid sheet-steel frame. It has a crisp and organic design.

Where to use it: Dining area, study

6. Asienta is the re-interpretation of the traditional sofa—its precision paired with a sense of visual softness, straight lines, and organic curves makes it an exquisite addition to any contemporary space. Sitting on it promises a comfortable and decadent experience.

Where to use it: Living room, family room, breakfast nook

7. Aline-S. Weighing only under five kilos, the new Aline-S range is comfortable, easy to move around, and easy to clean. It features practical, slatted membranes on the seat and back.

Where to use it: Dining room, outdoor deck

8. Cura is a lounge furniture that demonstrates classic modernism. This unitary and luxuriously cushioned seat possesses sleek lines and intelligent design, giving any space it inhabits a quiet kind of elegance.

Where to use it: Living room, reading nook, study

9. Aline. Those who work from home will particularly take a liking to this Wilkhahn task chair because of its comfy cover and elastic frame.

Where to use it: Home office, study

10. ON. Experts consider ON as the world's best office chair and for a good reason. It features Trimension, a mechanism that allows three-dimensional body movements—its dynamic motion enables you to assume different sitting postures. Think of it as teaching sitting how to walk and go 3D.

Where to use it: Home office, study

Each chair is customised and handcrafted in Germany, ready to be delivered to you in four to six weeks. For enquiries and to discover more of Wilkhahn’s products, head to their showroom or check out their website on www.wilkhahn.com

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