10 Ways to Maximise Your Closet Space

Creative tips and smart solutions to reclaim and organise your closet space

Updated on December 17, 2017 14:12 pm

Samantha Echavez

Weekday mornings usually find us scampering across our room and raiding our closets until we find the outfit we want for the day. For the organised one, this shouldn’t be a problem—clothes are neatly lined up and folded immaculately that it’s easy to spot the desired wardrobe. But for some, it’s quite a chore to sort the good and decent clothes from the outdated and unflattering ones.

"Wardrobes are an essential part of the daily life. However, it’s puzzling why so many people overlook organizing, maintaining and storing their clothing items in a proper and effective manner," observes Nancy Brooks, author of Organise and Tidy Your Closet in 7 Days. "As a result, instead of approaching the day with pride and anticipation, they start it with a lack of confidence or self-doubt just because of the clothing they are wearing."

Whether you are a proud owner of a walk-in wardrobe or you rely on your small closet in your rental bedroom, you can further your organising skills and make the most of your closet space. Here are some tricks and hacks to follow:

1. Edit your wardrobe.

The first order of business is to assess your wardrobe and sort your clothes into three categories: Throw Away, Give Away, and Keep. Damaged-beyond-repair clothes you keep for sentimental reasons should be chucked away. Donate or sell too-small, too-big, or outdated items, and keep clothes that you have worn within the last year and you still intend to wear.

Former Vogue fashion editor Wendy Clurman advises, "If you haven't worn it in two years, get rid of it!"


2. Eliminate clutter.

The fastest way to declutter your closet is by emptying it and surveying the contents. Apart from sorting your clothes into the aforementioned categories, you should also get rid of other stuff crowding your closet: pair-less socks, plastic bags, clothing tags, and other things that don't belong in a closet. Keep it clean and dust-free by vacuuming the closet afterwards.


3. Group like items together.

"This will help you mix and match pieces more easily and allow you to do a rapid-fire comparison of what you’ve got. In this way, if you need a cream-colored silk top to coordinate with your red-and-blue-plaid wool skirt, you can easily find them and pair them," says Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, author of Shop Your Closet. Tip: For a more streamlined and organised look, use uniform hangers and make them all face one way.


4. Install pull-out drawers.

Small closets call for brilliant organising ways—like slide-out closet drawers to maximise vertical space.


5. Get into labelling.

Save more time looking for your clothing essentials by labelling your closet's shelves or drawers.


6. Use dividers.

Shoe boxes, for example, make for great drawer dividers, and can serve as storage for your t-shirts, underwear, or scarves.


7. Don't forget the space behind the door.

Install racks to stash your shoes or hooks for belts and scarves.


8. Go high.

Out-of-season clothes can be stashed on top of your closet. Store them in boxes with handles so you can easily retrieve them anytime.


9. Double up your hangers.

Here's an organising hack: Use a can tab to hook two hangers together. This trick will allow you to save more space in your closet.


10. Put your shoes in clear boxes.

Don't forget about your shoes! Instead of storing them in opaque boxes, keep them in clear containers so you can easily access them.


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