15 Bright and Colourful Rooms

These rooms in energetic and bright colours will put a smile on your face.

Updated on November 21, 2017 11:11 am

Samantha Echavez

bright and colourful room with wallpaper

One of the most significant roles colour can play is "setting the emotional tone or ambience of a space," says Jonathan Poore, author of Interior Color by Design. And if you want your room to evoke an energetic vibe, painting it in bright and bold colours is the way to go.

Get colour and decorating ideas from this collection of eye-catching and vividly coloured rooms:

colourful chairs and cushions with orange and white stripe rug dining space


1. Liven up your predominantly white space with colourful dining chairs, cushions, and area rug.

bright yellow side table, coffee table with pattern print sofa cushions


2. Colourful home accessories like the yellow side table and printed cushions complement the arctic blue wall.

a colourful bedroom with accents of orange and purple as main colours


3. Give your room a bolt of energy with an orange and purple palette.

bright, colourful and bold living room with yellow sofa, orange coffee table and purple rug


4. Don't be daunted by pairing equally bold colours—as shown in this room, lime yellow and deep purple go together!

colourful and stylish living room in an apartment


5. Different hues—sky blue, magenta, yellow, hints of orange, green, and red—come together in this stylish apartment.

bohemian style colourful bedroom


6. Going Bohemian eclectic for your bedroom? Splash it with prints and colours!

vintage and retro living room with elements of bright colours and prints


7. Marry florals, prints, retro accents, and bold and loud colours in a small living room for maximum impact. Keep walls white for balance.

deep green and walnut furnishing for an eye catching study room or home office


8. Your study area need not be boring—enervate it with bold and deep hues.

a vintage style bedroom with a statement carpet that has bright colours and prints


9. Furnish your bedroom with a carpet, and use the carpet's hues as your starting point for other colours to use for a unified—yet still quirkily lovely—look.

a colourful reading corner with bright red and white printed armchair


10. Even a corner in your apartment deserves a fount of colour.

a blue, green and white colour bedroom


11. A refreshing blue-green palette takes centre stage in this bedroom.

beach and seaside blue and white bedroom


12. Stunning beach-y prints and colours double the fun of this bedroom.

colourful stripes wallpaper in the living room


13. Here's an idea: Paint multicoloured stripes on your walls for a super playful look.

oriental and vintage style red living room


14. Accents and furnishings in different textures and different shades of red give this room a warm and deeply rich feel.

bohemian styled bright and colourful bathroom


15. Bohemian chic bathrooms never shy away from bold and bright colours.

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