5 Gorgeous Homes You Won't Believe They're HDBs

We are hugely impressed with the renovation magic done in these four- to five-room HDB flats.

Updated on October 13, 2017 8:10 am

Fiona Ho

5 Gorgeous Homes You Won't Believe They're HDBs

If you’ve been living in your flat for a while and are still fond of the place, but would really like an upgrade, you can look into renovating and remodelling your home.

For your inspiration, we have compiled five actual HDBs listed in the market with beautiful home designs that caught our eyes! We are hugely impressed with the renovation magic done in these four to five room HDB flats. What do you think?


If you like to keep up with the latest styles, a contemporary makeover is for you. Contemporary designs are typically characterised by clean lines, texture, and simple and sophisticated decorating, as exemplified by the sleek living hall décor of this five-room Yishun flat.

Location: Yishun Street 81
Property Type: 5-room
Floor Area: 1,314 sq ft
Asking Price: $598,000


Industrial designs derive inspiration from the manufacturing age. The look is raw and unfinished, and is achieved with surfaces and materials that suggest an industrial past. Wood and metal are typically featured, as are pipes, cement screed, and vintage furniture.

Done correctly, they can exude a rugged, industrial charm, and a highly coordinated look like this unit in Ghim Moh link.

Location: 22 Ghim Moh Link
Property Type: 4-room
Floor Area: 1,314 sq ft
Asking Price: $828,000


Modern interior design is often confused with contemporary. One way to tell them apart is to remember that contemporary designs are often defined by what’s trending, while modern is a style of its own that is timeless and iconic.

Modern interiors are clean, neutral, and unadorned, and the use of wood, leather, and polished metal is prominent, as shown in this charming unit in Toa Payoh.

Location: Lorong 2, Toa Payoh
Property Type: 5-room
Floor Area: 1,248 sq ft
Asking Price: $900,000


Dare to be different by putting together a mishmash of styles, textures, and colours in your home! Eclectic designs can seem random, and often treads the fine line between contrast and chaos. But done right, it can create an atmosphere that is distinctive, imaginative, and vibrant, just like this five-room flat in Bishan.

Location: 273B Bishan Street 24
Property Type: 5-room
Floor Area: 1,219 sq ft
Asking Price: $1.02 million


Transitional is also known as "updated classic" and is a blend of the classy and refined traditional style and simplistic contemporary designs. Furniture typically focuses on comfort, sophistication, and practicality, just like this elegant unit in Tampines.

Location: 856C Tampines Street 82
Property Type: Jumbo
Floor Area: 1,605 sq ft
Asking Price: $878,000

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