5 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Less mistakes, less heartbreaks

Updated on May 23, 2018 8:05 am

Luisa Wong

5 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

A home renovation is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake. But it can also be exhausting and sometimes disappointing when you don’t get the service you deserve.

To avoid heartaches and tears when renovating your home, here are the common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not doing a proper research

If there’s one common mistake in home renovation, it is not doing one's homework. Doing a proper research before the actual renovation is the most practical thing to do for a homeowner. You should not meet with a designer clueless of what you want your own home to look like. Renovation requires a certain degree of research and effort from the homeowners, and not just the designers.

2. Being carried away by new trends

It is nice that you are updated with trends, but blindly following what’s cool and trending isn’t the best thing that you should do in renovating your home. Not because everyone does it, you have to follow it too. Trends are guides on how to make your home look and feel aesthetically pleasing, but you still need to ut your personality in your home. It is important to know your lifestyle and stick to what suits you best. If you want to make your home still look trendy even after five or 10 years, inject small trendy pieces that will complement your existing style.

3. Going overboard the budget cap


Your budget is a key factor in the renovation project. Before starting, it is important to meet all the key people involved in the project in order to brief them of your budget. Going over budget is a gross mistake that a homeowner can commit so it is better that you are all on the same page in terms of financial matters.

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4. Overlooking electricity connections

Renovating your home requires a lot of re-modelling and re-structuring. This can also affect your electrical connections. If there are connectivity issues that are overlooked, it can spell trouble and damage to your home, most especially if you have kids residing with you. Ensure that you’ve hired the right person to ensure that electricity connections are safe and well-placed to avoid future accidents and damages.

5. Going for the cheapest option


Being frugal in renovating your home can be really helpful. However, taking your frugality to the next level by going to the cheapest contractors is a big no-no. Some, if not most, of the cheap contractors do not deliver the best results—that is why homeowners scratch their heads after all the repairs they had to do months or even weeks after the renovation. Consult with four or more contractors and carefully choose among them. Compare their services and go for the contractor that will give you the best service, and not because they are the cheapest.

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