5 Trends in Bathroom Design For 2018

If you are looking to redecorate your well-loved bathroom, here are some 2018 trend tips.

Updated on February 06, 2018 9:02 am

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5 Trends in Bathroom Design For 2018

Bathrooms in the average household are only renewed every 15 to 20 years. To help homeowners and designers with the decision-making process, British brand Victoria + Albert has pulled together its top trend predictions for this year.

1. End of the Industrial Era

Victoria + Albert’s Napoli freestanding bath. Source: Otta Design

Design trends have started moving away from the cold, hard utilitarian industrial style, in favour of more serendipitous bathrooms spaces. The stark white metro-style tiles have been replaced with larger format tiles that work well in both larger bathrooms and compact spaces. To soften the vibe of the room, opt for softer diffused lights and integrate some plants, accessories, and warm metals.

2. Spa-styled bathrooms

Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona freestanding bath. Source: Rabaut Design

As we become more attuned to the importance of the mind, body, and soul, a trend that has been increasingly loved by designers is to transform the bathroom into an oasis for relaxation and unwinding after a long day, with searches for "spa bathrooms" were up by 269% on Pinterest.

Incorporate calming colour palettes, such as earthy tones or nude hues, or organic materials such as wood and marble to help create a serene bathroom space. Soft rounded edges, like that of the Victoria + Albert Barcelona bath, also help enhance the sense of peace and tranquillity in the space.

Find out how you can transform your bath space into a spa-like enclave.

3. The bathroom as an envious living space

Victoria + Albert’s Toulouse freestanding bath. Source: Susan Glick

A bathroom designed for relaxation and entertainment is no longer something exclusive to boutique hotels and spas. The simple addition of cushioned seating in the bathroom can create a new "living space" where you can read a great book while getting your hair done. Here, the elegant Victoria + Albert Toulouse bath alongside is used with soft fabrics and chic vanities to complete the look.

4. Incorporating the old with the new

Victoria + Albert’s Trivento freestanding bath

Redesigning bathroom spaces does not necessarily require a complete overhaul of style and feel. The demand for a transitional design has been increasingly on the rise, with more designers and homeowners choosing to incorporate something historical into a new build. A modern take on the traditional Bateau bath, the Victoria + Albert Trivento bath perfectly meets this transitional style, incorporating a French classic into a contemporary bathroom.

5. Exploring the colours of 2018

Victoria + Albert Vetralla freestanding bath styled using the "Beyond" palette

Inject a dose of new life into your bathroom with the key colours of 2018! Working together with Colour Hive, a global colour consultancy, "Beyond" was found to be the perfect colour palette for the bathroom. It's a stylish combination of gentle neutrals and vibrant neons, creating an oasis to lift you from the unsettling thoughts prompted by the effects of technology and the chaos of global politics. “Beyond” transfers the focus of the mind, from thought to feeling, by embracing the senses and dispelling the digital influence.

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