6 Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Your Teen Girls

Score the best parent award by transforming your teenage girl's private space into one that she'll love staying in.

Updated on December 21, 2017 10:12 am

Stephanie Yee

Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Your Teen Girls

Looking for ideas on how to prettify your daughter's bedroom? You can do better than just splashing it with pink elements.

Check out these cool ideas:


1. Introduce country charm to her bedroom by opting for cottage style: think wrought iron bed, distressed finish on the nightstand, and a muted colour palette. (Read: Decorating A Country-Style Home)


2. Make her hipster dreams come to life—watch as her eyes sparkle with joy when she sees that DIY canopy made of a hoop and tulle. The string lights add to the dreamy effect. (Read: 18 Ways to Decorate With String Lights)


3. So your girl loves capturing moments on camera? Create a photo wall, which she can fill up with her favourite snapshots.


4. For your bookworm daughter, display her collection by stacking them up and using that as her bedside table. (Read: Book Storage and Display Ideas for Small Spaces)


5. Yellow has been proven to cheer up any space. Make it the main hue of her bedroom and expect an overall sunny, happy vibe from this space.


6. Everything that reminds your beach lover of a daughter of the ocean should have a space in her sleep sanctuary to lift up her spirits.

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