6 Dining Room Trends to Try

Give your eating area a fresh look by incorporating any of these trends.

Updated on May 31, 2018 8:05 am

Catherine Zhang

6 Dining Room Trends to Try

The dining room is where your family gathers to share not just a scrumptious meal but exchange stories and laughter as well. If you find your dining room too casual or too simple to look at, why not try something new today?

Revamp your dining room and give it a new look by getting inspiration from these trends:

1. Pops of colours


Upgrade the look and feel of your dining room by incorporating a new colour. You can go bold, or you can try soft hues. Whichever suits your style, using new colours in your dining room will certainly make the space pop out.

2. Statement lighting


Chandeliers are out, pendant lighting is in. The trendiest thing you can do if you are on a budget is to accessorise your dining room with a pendant lighting. You can also DIY your fixture, depending on your personality.

3. Vintage vibe


Add some Old World charm to your dining space by using vintage pieces. Welcome guests with a vintage buffet table or impress them with a pretty vintage centrepiece. Anything vintage will make your room interesting and aesthetically appealing.

4. Consider rustic


Consider going rustic in your dining room. Opt for country-style dining by skipping normal tables and chairs. Add a long wood table and benches and see how this brings your family and guests closer together. This set-up also serves as an excellent area for spending time together with your family playing games together or just hanging out.

5. Furniture mix and match


Gone are the days when homeowners choose matching pieces of furniture. Add a playful touch to your dining room by using different coloured chairs for that free-spirited vibe. Enjoy mixing and matching colours but don’t forget to keep at least one consistent detail throughout each piece. This will help you create a more cohesive look no matter how mismatched your pieces are.

6. Upsize to surprise


Go for larger-than-life room accents. You can get a huge mirror, artwork, or frames to add an interesting touch to your eating space.

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