6 Interior Design Trends You May Want to Avoid in Singapore

Consider these when designing or decorating your home.

Updated on February 02, 2018 16:02 pm

Stephanie Yee

Interior Design Trends You May Want to Avoid in Singapore

Every homeowner loves to have an abode that they can be proud of. Reading online articles, magazines, design catalogues, and other materials keep you up to date with the trends available in the market. But with too many trends nowadays, some homeowners commit mistakes in designing their living space most often than not.

Here are some design trends you may want to avoid:


1. Hardwood floor

Hardwood floor is an exquisite option for your home in terms of aesthetics. It is a common choice among homeowners as it is timeless and elegant. However, wood can either shrink or swell in the long run. Having a humid climate, authentic hardwood is not the most suitable flooring material for your home. It is a big no-no for homeowners to use this kind of material given the humidity that the country experiences throughout the year.


2. Single-coloured theme

Having a single colour at home seems to be the most viable option for lazy homeowners. It is also easy to buy a whole set of room furniture with matching colours. But your home will lack personality. As a homeowner, you must take time to look for the colours that matches your style. If you are a dauntless homeowner, you can try bold colour combinations. If you are more of a neutral person, try to mix and match colours that will give you the perfect proportion. Colour combinations give your living space a cohesive and striking look, but you must set the balance for everything. After all, your home reflects your personality so why not match it with yours and not go for matching colours.


3. Wallpaper

Wallpapers come in various styles and colours. These can be changed as well depending on your mood and the trend that is prevalent. However, humidity causes wallpapers to peel off after a month or two. This might ruin your home’s aesthetics. Also, you might need to change wallpapers more often, which can be costly in the long run.


4. Huge furniture

Some homeowners tend to splurge on furniture even if they don’t need it. It’s time to cut it off! Your home does not need rooms full of decorative pieces of furniture. You should not stack it with huge furniture pieces that are just accessories and not functional at all. In fact, if you have a small space, they have the tendency to make your space look smaller if not used properly. The best way to deal with big, decorative pieces of furniture (if you have it right now) is to arrange them in an organised manner that will look aesthetically comfortable and pleasing.


5. Kitchen islands

Over 80% of Singaporeans live in flats, may it be a BTO, HDB, or a condo unit. A usual living space ranges from 50 sqm to 150 sqm. With this limited space, you must decide as a homeowner which feature should not be in your home. Take for example, kitchen islands. A kitchen island takes a huge amount of your limited space because it is positioned typically at the centre of the kitchen and dining areas. If your home is quite big to handle it, why not? But if you have a BTO or HDB, then this you might want to reconsider having one.


6. Following all the trends

This is one of the greatest mistake that homeowners do. Blindly following design trends would lead you nowhere as they come and go quickly. Keeping up with what is hot and up to date is a good idea, but incorporating every trend in your home is a big mistake you should avoid. However, some styles are timeless, so go for them in your home.

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