6 Tips for Home Renovation on a Budget

Because making your dream home come to life does not mean you need to break the bank

Updated on June 01, 2018 8:06 am

Luisa Wong

6 Tips for Home Renovation on a Budget

Home renovation does not come cheap. It can be costly as renovations costs in Singaporean homes can go as high as $60,000 for an HDB flat. However, don’t get too intimidated by the numbers as you can still find ways to keep a budget-friendly reno project. Here are ways how to minimise costs in your renovation:

1. Prepare for hidden costs.


Singaporeans tend to forget that resale BTOs are more expensive to renovate than new ones. Unforeseen maintenance cost take up more than what is expected in one’s renovation budget. As a homeowner, it is wise to consider setting aside an allowance in your overall renovation budget. Having a spare cash is always better than having nothing to use for unexpected costs.

2. Too much lighting means more money.


Going overboard with lighting will not only cost you much in renovation, but will also give you headache when you see your electricity bills after. If you want to achieve the bright and airy look for your space, you can cut down on your lighting costs and follow some of our tips to bring in more natural light. For example, you can use mirrors and glass panels for light to bounce off and reflect in your living room, use sheer curtains in your kitchen, or paint your walls in light colour.

3. Go Scandinavian or minimalist.


The design of your home will also play a role in your renovation cost. It is important to note, however, that your home’s style shouldn’t be compromised at all. There is beauty in simplicity. If you are having trouble picking which style or theme to choose, you can always go for Scandinavian or minimalist styles.

4. Warehouse sales are your best friend.


When getting your furniture, watch out for warehouse sales. You can get a furniture for a lower cost without sacrificing on quality. You can also wait for big discounts during the Great Singapore Sale, Black Friday, National Day, and other occasional sales that may happen.

5. Practice the habit of refurbishing and reusing.


If you bought a resale BTO, you can always look for items that can be refurbished and reused. Give them a little bit of TLC and they can still be functional and as good as new! There are a lot of DIY and refurbishing projects available online, you just need to find one that you think you can accomplish.

6. Choose the right flooring material.


The flooring material will take up a huge sum in your renovation budget. Using vinyl is a more practical and economical approach as it is both sturdy and waterproof, and it would cost less than using tiles. Or, if you want to save up more, you may opt to grind or polish your floors for that clean and polished look.

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