7 Ways to Achieve a Luxury Hotel-Like Bedroom

Enjoy a daily staycation in the comfort of your own home.

Updated on April 11, 2018 8:04 am

Stephanie Yee

7 Ways to Achieve a Luxury Hotel-Like Bedroom

Sleeping in a five-star hotel is a luxury. The fresh, crisp linens and fluffy pillows give you nothing but comfort and utmost relaxation.

While most of us are willing pay the extra cost just to experience staying in a luxurious hotel, it is possible to achieve the same vibe in your own home without breaking the bank. Here's how:

1. Install cosy lighting.


Warm lighting is the secret to achieving a hotel-like bedroom. Almost all hotel rooms have warm-coloured bulbs for lamps or sconces, which allow guests to have a cosy and relaxed mood. Also, warm lighting helps the brain relax after a long, stressful day.

2. Stick to white linens.


You don’t need to buy new linens to feel the hotel vibe at home. You can start your budget-friendly makeover with having your white linens freshly laundered and ironed with linen spray. You can DIY your linen spray with numerous concoctions available online.

3. Do some layering.

In achieving a hotel-worthy bedroom, do some layering. Hoteliers call it triple sheeting, which includes layering a comforter or a blanket between two starched sheets. It does not only create a feel of crisp and clean bed but it is also cost-effective because you don’t need to buy a duvet anymore.

4. Don’t forget to add fluffiness.


For a more comfortable hotel-like room, add plush throw pillows as well as feather pillows to replicate those luxurious beds found in most hotels. You can also treat your feet to a fluffy rug you can step on!

5. Your colour palette matters.


Choose a relaxing and calming colour palette in achieving the luxury hotel look. Soft, neutral palettes tend to exude a serene and soothing vibe. Your choice of colours matters so skip red in your palette and go for lighter, softer shades of blue, white, beige, or cream.

6. Add some glamour at the foot of the bed.


If you still have extra budget and space for a new furniture, jazz up your bedroom with a pretty bench at the foot of your bed. It can turn an ordinary room to a luxurious hotel suite.

7. Avoid clutter.


One thing you’ll notice in hotel rooms is that they are always organised and clutter-free. You, too, can enjoy a clutter-free, hotel-ish bedroom by using decorative baskets and bowls to hide away your mess. You can use existing shelves to display your collections, while your bedside and vanity tables can hold your fab vases and lamps.

Overall, despite the luxurious stuff you need to achieve a hotel-like bedroom, do not forget to add your personality in it. While hotel rooms are all glitz and glamour, one thing that it lacks is a dash of personality to keep it really cosy. Add the things that bring you happiness as it will surely lighten up your mood once you go inside.

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