8 Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

You can never go wrong with this tried-and-tested colour combo for your bathroom.

Updated on March 13, 2018 8:03 am

Luisa Wong

8 Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

Black and white are timeless options. These two colours never fail to uplift the aesthetics of a place. You can really never go wrong with black and white

As black absorbs light and white reflects light, these two are a perfect combination for a classy and contemporary space. These colours work well in functional spaces such as the bathroom. Here are cool monochromatic bathrooms for your design inspiration:

1. Pick a pattern


Tiles with geometric patterns are the rage nowadays. If you want to easily achieve a black and white bathroom, you can use glass mosaic tile patterns on the walls to make it stand out. Complement the style with black floors and white bathroom wares.

2. Choose classy


Black walls, white subway tiles on the wall, and white and black penny floor tiles are classic choices for a chic and stylish bath space.

3. Looking sharp


This black and white bathroom looks sleek and sharp because of its large hexagon tiles. The aesthetics is further improved by using matte black tub and B&W bathwares. The hexagonal flooring and wall art set the scene for a dramatic monochrome vibe.

4. Vintage vibe


If you are a lover of all things vintage, this bathroom could be your next renovation design idea. Mosaic tiles are perfect if you want to add a vintage twist to your modern bathroom.

5. Mix it with gold


What makes black and white even more classy? Gold! Use golden fixtures and furniture such as mirrors, faucets, shower heads, and cabinets to add glam to your bathroom.

6. Rustic beauty


If you already have a white bathroom, you can still pursue the black and white scheme by adding black decors and furnishings such as baskets, chairs, counters, and even the sink—paint it in black matte to achieve that cosy rustic vibe.

7. Glitz and glam


This stylish white and black bathroom is relatively small but looks open and bigger because of the mirrors surrounding the space. The geometric-tiled floor adds fun and interest to the space as well as the glam effect that the back-lit mirror exudes. The space looks eclectic but not too serious.

8. Add luscious greens


Black and white looks cold when not accented properly. You can include greenery such as potted plants to add warmth and life to your monochromatic bathroom.

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