8 Singapore Dining Rooms That’ll Make You Go “Wow!”

Or "Nice!" Or "Awesome!" Or any other superlative you may think of. And that's a guarantee.

Updated on June 12, 2017 11:06 am

Camille Besinga


53 Irrawaddy Road The Centro by Add Space Design Pte Ltd

Cabriole legs, ornate gold frames, and a gold chandelier dripping with crystals—it can’t get any more traditional Victorian (with a little contemporary touch thanks to the glass table top) than this.

Making Small Spaces Work for You by nOtch lifestyle + design

Diamond tufting on the chairs and the roughly finished wall add just the right amount of texture to this contemporary dining space, but what makes it extraordinary is its rich, ambient lighting, which also add depth to any room.

Sky @ 11 by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

This glamorous dining room is a great example of the use of contrasting elements by way of different textures—a shag rug and natural stone wall against reflective wall panels.

The Bayshore by Artis Interior

Hip and eclectic, this home makes good use of an irregularly shaped unit to create differently functioning areas courtesy of the furniture groupings and unique light fixtures.

Robin Road by Collective Designs Pte Ltd

Here’s another dining room with a fantastic light fixture, this time offset by a simple dining set to let the chandelier of paper quotes really stand out.

Peach Gardens by Collective Designs Pte Ltd

What’s not to love about this spacious and elegant dining room with all-around views of the pool and garden?

Carribean at Keppel Bay by Space Vision Design Pte Ltd

We did a double-take with this one: Mirrors on one side of the dining room make the area look much bigger, and streamlined furniture pieces also add to the visually enlarged space.

D’Grove by Ansana

Dining rooms don’t always come in squares and rectangles, like this circular one outfitted with lovely tiffany-blue chairs and that sexy glass-topped dining table.

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