9 Design Ideas for an Impressive Dinner Table Vignette

Make your holiday table look picture-perfect and memorable.

Updated on December 18, 2018 13:12 pm

Catherine Zhang

Design Ideas for an Impressive Dinner Table Vignette

Vignettes create a designer-looking space with well-coordinated and well-placed accessories minus the clutter. It tells a story of you and your home in a very pleasing and visually-appealing way on a table or any flat surface.

The holiday season is the perfect time to elevate your dinner table style by creating a beautiful vignette. If you still don’t have an idea how to create one, here are swoon-worthy, designer-looking ideas for your holiday dinner table:

1. Fresh elements for a festive season


Creating a vignette is something you should not be stressing about. With just a few mason jars, fresh elements like cranberries and juniper branches, you can already create a festive row on your table. Make sure that you add variety and contrast into it by putting smaller jars with Epsom Salt and candles in between. It will surely look beautiful all lit up during your Christmas Eve dinner. Add a rustic touch to your vignette with a neutral-toned plaid and gold foil snowflake-laden table runner.

2. A winter wonderland


If you are not fond of using fresh elements, you can just line your mason jars in between some garlands. Put salt and tea lights, and voila—you already have a gorgeous-looking vignette! Give it a nice rustic look by using cedar planks painted in white as your table runner.

3. A French-inspired table


Inject elegance and glam via a French-inspired vignette. You can use faux boxwood garland and combine it with a sparkly lit garland to adorn your macrame table runner. For the plates, create a good mix of aqua and white plates, and rattan charger. Complete your French-inspired vignette with wine glasses and a spring of faux lavender. For the final touch, you can attach floral wires to faux greenery. Don’t forget to use a soft and nice colour scheme of greens and white to create a peaceful and calming ambiance.

4. Whimsical country Christmas


Create a whimsical vignette by placing a few clear candle holders along the centre of the table with fresh greens and select Christmas ornaments. As a finishing touch, you can put a red truck at the middle of it all to make a fun and happy table.

5. DIY your trees.


Make a colourful and funky vignette by creating DIY yarn trees. Play around the colour combinations and before you know it, you already have a colourful forest on your dining table. To balance it out, you can add beautiful brass skinny candle holders as well as trees and birch bases for your centrepiece.

6. Classic charm


Feel free to ditch the trends and stick with the classics by rounding up a rustic reclaimed wood box, some holly, and a few candles. This lovely holly-inspired vignette looks nostalgic and serene, perfect for your family reunion.

7. Plaid all the way


Plaid resonates well with Christmas. Its green-and-red colour combo provides a traditional and festive holiday cheer on your Christmas table. To start off your plaid-inspired vignette, use branches or any greenery of your choice to layer down the middle of the table. Fill in the gaps with sprigs of boxwood and then add other elements such as fruits, ornaments, and candles to run the length of the table. You can also add natural elements such as oranges, pomegranates, and cranberries to tuck in among the greenery.

8. Warm rosy elegance


Welcome your guests with a warm rosy glow that your vignette exudes. To create that, place your floral centrepiece in the middle of greeneries at the centre of your table. Stipple it with rose gold ornaments in varied finishes to add a right note of holiday glimmer and a perfect link between pink and gold. Adding flutes and goblets will not only layer the vignette but it will also create a bold statement on the table.

9. A golden affair


Create a cosy vibe in your dining area by incorporating copper reindeer decors, geometric vases, and serving platters. Pair them with your gold chargers, gold-speckled plates, gold and silver flatware, gold-accented glasses, and metallic-embroidered napkins, and you will surely have an elegant dining experience fit for the holiday celebration!

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