9 Dining Spaces that Spell Elegance

Impressive dining areas that exude timeless style and charm

Updated on June 23, 2017 20:06 pm

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Elegant dining interiors are covet-worthy, inspiring, and totally doable. Yes, you can create your own fabulous entertaining area—even in a small space and within reasonable budget. As Diane Tomaczak in Creating Elegant Interiors reminds us: "Stylish interior design is not about wealth or expensive furnishings and accessories. I’ve seen large homes that feel drab and generic and small cottages that feel polished and refined."

To cop an elegant and cosy look for your dining room, mind the details. "Elegance, after all, is in the details—and in the materials. Consider working with polished wood; crystal chandeliers; gilt furnishings and accessories; exotic, lush fabrics in rich colors or subtle warm tones; sophisticated black accents; gleaming hardwood or polished marble floors; and understated tones as a backdrop for bold, dramatic details," says Ann McArdle, author of Elegant Interiors.

Melissa Mather, author of Creating Elegant Interiors, adds that elegant interiors should not only exude beauty—they should also be functional. "Elegant style can always live side by side with function. There are many wonderful stain-resistant fabrics available, and investing in one can give you a peace of mind without compromising quality and style."

Check out these gorgeous dining rooms for your visual inspiration:


1. This dining room combines the luxury of velvet and the surprising colours of tangerine and emerald green to create an elegant space with undertones of fun.


2. The white walls and wooden flooring make for a good backdrop for gold accents and ornate pieces like the crystal chandelier, luxe-looking mirror, and place settings.


3. This dining area features a classic 19th-century Directoire pedestal table which provides contrast to the peacock blue and fuchsia chairs. Floor-to-ceiling curtains provide additional drama.


4. Neutral hues, antique pieces, velvet chairs, and luxurious accents make this dining room a sweet and elegant spot.


5. Furnish your dining room with Louis-style dining chairs and neutral accents for an elegant French-chic look.


6. Fire engine red furnishings can also evoke elegance when mixed with neutral and sophisticated accents.


7. Keep your dining room from looking too staged and too showroom-y by adding an unexpected accent or piece—the crystal emerald pendant light adds a playful vibe to this neutral space.


8. This compact dining room gets a chic and subtly elegant look from the place settings, contemporary furnishings, and sleek glass surfaces.


9. Furniture pieces in hardwood and luxurious textures make up this elegant dining room which has a touch of Victorian.

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