9 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Big and brilliant design tips for small bathrooms

Updated on June 21, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


Having a small bathroom doesn't mean you need to restrain yourself from styling it the way you want to. After all, "the bathroom is the center of well-being in a home. In the evenings or on lazy weekend afternoons, it is your own personal oasis to unwind and refresh. You want it to be as comfortable and inviting as any other space," says Jill Vegas, author of Speed Decorating.

Check out some stylish tips to make your small bathroom shine:


1. Don't forget the space above the toilet. In this bathroom, gorgeous mantel shelves store bathroom essentials and display decorative accessories. Its colour matches the vanity countertop and blends seamlessly with the matte grey walls.


2. Use bold colours and showstopping decor. When your bathroom is small, you can use bold and bright colours to give the space a stylish lift. This bathroom features eye-catching cobalt blue paint, and a stunning chandelier on the ceiling.


3. Aim for a luxurious look. Mosaic tiles and marble field tiles that run vertically up the shower give this bathroom a posh look and feel, and are complemented by contemporary and sleek hardware and bathroom fixtures. A wall niche is used to store toiletries.


4. Go for a summer chic look. This bathroom, calming and pleasing to the eyes, hints at a cool beachy life. Fun, right? Blue mosaic tiles go well with the buttercup yellow wall, and the Shaker-style cabinets in the vanity sink complete the relaxed rustic look.


5. Take delight in drama. Too afraid to employ bold and dramatic styles in your living room or bedroom? Then turn to your bathroom which can benefit from brazen designs. You can go all-black like in this bathroom, which features an ensemble of black walls and accessories.


6. Replicate the style of hotel bathrooms. Imagine coming home to a bathroom that evokes a cosy and hotel feel. This locally designed bathroom uses of clean and straight lines, warm colours, contemporary fixtures, smart shelving, and recessed lightings to make it look elegant and hotel-like.


7. Opt for a ledge. Install a ledge above the sink if your bathroom doesn’t have a built-in vanity. This bathroom's ledge is big enough to hold toiletries and decorative knick-knacks.


8. Illuminate. You can turn your small and cramped bathroom into an inviting space just by switching up the lights. This bathroom features hidden LEDs and hanging lights by the mirrors which, when lit up, add depth to the bathroom.


9. Choose a table instead of vanity. Sometimes a vanity sink can just make your small bathroom look even more cramped. This vintage table with open shelving is less bulky and feels lighter, making the space airier.

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