Amazing Kiddie Workspaces

Because all play and no work ain’t fun!

Updated on December 21, 2017 10:12 am

Camille Besinga

setting up a work and study space for kids

Nowadays, homes with kids will have designated areas specifically for kids to devote themselves to hours and hours of pure playtime fun. But what’s a home that won’t let kids “work”? By “work,” we mean working on kiddie art, kid-friendly crafts, building blocks, and other kiddie work kits, even science experiments.

We scoured the Internet for cool workspaces for kids, and found lots of great images—even a couple for fun outdoor work areas.

Scroll down to get ideas for your own home’s kiddie workspace.

bright wall with storage space, shelves and desks for children


An adjustable shelf system can "grow along" with your kid:

Simply move the shelves up the tracks when he or she gets bigger or taller.

neat and bright play and study room for children


Does your house have an extra room?

Instead of simply making it a forgotten storage space, turn it into a dedicated work and play area for your kids. It’ll be like their secret fort away from the big people (a.k.a. you)!

play and work room for kids


If you don’t have a separate room to spare, just turn one corner into your kids’ own crafts suite by sealing it off with shelves that act as dividers. Then fill it up with more shelves and some tables and seats. Then let the kids loose in it!

DIY handcraft table great for kids


Here’s another idea for small-space living:

Give your kid his or her own craft table by using low cubby bookshelves (get a couple from Ikea) as table legs and laying one piece of plywood covered in fabric over it.

amazing loft space turn into play room for kids


The loft area or stair landing is another under-utilised space in the home that can be converted into a kiddie workspace.

Just add bookshelves, a playful rug, some low chairs and tables, and a chalkboard.

upcycled furnitures - turning the crib into a play or homework desk


Don’t want to get rid of your crib?

Remove one drop side, outfit the crib base with chalkboard-painted wood, hang some suction cups and voila! Instant kiddie workstation.

a reading corner for kids

private reading corner for children

cosy reading corner


What kid wouldn’t want this in her home?

A storage closet is converted into a crafts cubby and secret reading nook.

a colourful and wide playroom


Rambunctious tots would go crazy in a playroom like this, but the wide enough space and some tables will also help them focus on a little project, like building little airplanes or LEGO fortresses.

outdoor play corner for kids


If you’ve got a big yard, why not make a little kitchen for your children to make mud pies in?

upcycled furnitures turn into outdoor play table for children


An old industrial spool is turned into an outdoor Science lab with just an umbrella and lots of cheap and recycled tools.

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