7 Best Colours To Pair With Yellow

Here's how to make the most of this sunshiny colour to beautify your space.

Updated on September 25, 2018 8:09 am

Catherine Zhang

Best Colours To Pair With Yellow

Cheerful, bright, and shiny. Yellow is such a welcoming colour, this is why it is usually used as an entryway colour. But even though yellow gives a fresh look to any space, it is not commonly used as the main colour in interior design.

Maximise the positive effects of this colour in your home by using the right shade. Note that too much yellow surrounding you will make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. But pairing it with the right colour will give your space that outstanding cheerful vibe.

Make sure that you’ve got your yellows under control with these pairings that we’ve listed down for you:

1. Yellow + Black


As striking as the colours of a bumblebee, yellow and black is a magnificent combination as it provides a focal point. You won’t only notice yellow as it is because it has a dark counterpart. Pick a yellow that has grey undertones for a more soothing look.

2. Yellow + Purple


These two are complementary colours. When paired, these colours create contrast. To pull off the perfect colour combination, pick a softer tone of purple—like lilac—because muted tones can balance the richness of yellow.

3. Yellow + Grey


Grey is one of the best colours to pair with this bright sunshiny hue. Its coolness perfectly balances out the vibe that yellow exudes.

4. Yellow + Blush


Bring out yellow’s feminine side by pairing it with blush. It’s sweet and girly! But if you want to add a tad of sophistication, add black and white for contrast.

5. Yellow + Brown


Add warmth to your sunny yellows by incorporating brown in your space. Warm wood colours can bring out the best of your yellow, plus it can make your space look chic and rustic.

6. Yellow + Blue


Embrace the colour of summer with these hues. Blue and yellow can fit any theme you have for your home’s interior design.

7. Yellow + Green


Sage green and yellow have different tonalities: sage is a cool colour while yellow is warm. Combining these two will give your space a balanced and unique look.

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