Chinese New Year Cleaning Traditions

Some cleaning reminders as you prepare for the Lunar New Year

Updated on January 09, 2018 12:01 pm

Alexis Wang

Chinese New Year Cleaning Traditions

Unsure of what you should and should not be cleaning during this period? Here are some reminders:

1. Avoid using cleaning equipment such as brooms, brushes, dusters, and dust pans on Chinese New Year as the act of sweeping is akin to sweeping away all the good fortune. Carry the dust and dirt out instead.

2. Hide all sharp objects as they symbolise fortune being cut off.

3. Clean your house thoroughly a few days before Chinese New Year to signify the removal of the old and welcoming of the new. Here are ways to dispose of your old furniture.


4. Decorate your house with plenty of red to welcome the New Year. The most popular decorations are upside down ‘Fu’, auspicious couplets, lanterns, year paints, papercutting, and door gods. Here are expert tips to prepare your home for CNY.

5. Avoid breaking anything as it is associated with a loss of wealth. If a breakage happened, utter auspicious sayings to ease any awkwardness. While sweeping is frowned upon, using the vacuum cleaner is still acceptable as it does not involve sweeping the fortune out of the house.

6. Keep your words clean and refrain from swearing or saying negative words. Avoid bringing up any unhappy incidents from the past as one should start the New Year anew with minimal emotional baggage.

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