Cleaning Services Companies You May Hire for CNY Spring Cleaning

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Updated on June 30, 2017 10:06 am

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Spring cleaning can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Due to the numerous steps required in spring cleaning, it may be a better option to outsource these tasks to a professional. Here are our suggestions:

1. A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd
Tel: 6570 1874

They provide spring cleaning services that include disposal and packing of unwanted items. Other services include post-renovation cleaning for those who just moved into their new homes before CNY, ironing, and one-time weekly cleaning.

2. MopSquad
Tel: 97467 4900

Aside from cleaning services, they also provide special floor services from cleaning, polishing, restoration, sealing to maintenance. Additional services include laundry and dry cleaning inclusive of delivery.

3. De Hygienique
Tel: 67491950

De Hygienique specialises in dry cleaning and sanitising of mattresses, carpets, and sofa. Their cleaning treatment for carpet includes using motorised counter rotating brush equipment and chemical safe cleaning products, and will be sanitised to complete the cleaning process. The furniture will be ready for use almost immediately after cleaning depending on the soiling condition of the upholstery before cleaning.

4. A-Team Amahs and Cleaners
Tel: 6100 6130 / 6100 6132 (North, East, Central); 6100 6131 / 6100 6132 (South, West, Central)

Aside from cleaning, they also provide other services such as confinement nanny, baby sitter, moving services, ad hoc house cleaning, etc. Prices start from $15 per hour on weekdays and $17 per hour on weekend.

5. Housekeepers Management Services

Tel: 6884 4333

They provide one-time cleaning services for spring cleaning, which includes cleaning of windows/grills; sanitising, scrubbing and washing of bathrooms and toilets; cleaning kitchen cabinets, stove, wardrobe and furniture surfaces; and mopping of floor. Prices start from $280 for a 3-room flat (less than 800 sq. ft).

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Cleaning Services Companies You May Hire for CNY Spring Cleaning

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