Colour Focus: Mint Green

It’s fresh, it’s cool, and it makes for a lovely shade to fill your home with.

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

Camille Besinga


Mint green (especially if done right) will always have that calming, soothing effect that many homeowners want for their homes. Studies say that a green is a colour usually associated with nature, the lighter intensity of mint green (as opposed to warm or bright colours) reminds beholders of a natural environment—say, a body of water—and evokes feelings of tranquility and quiet.

That said, mint green in your home can be a great addition. Here are some reasons why.


Mint green is not intense enough to make a room look too concentrated, which makes it a great alternative to any of the lighter neutrals. These kitchen cabinets stand out just enough with their coat of mint green paint, but still do not overwhelm and keep the kitchen’s bright and airy feel.


Flooring and furnishing in warm tones are cooled down by green wallpaper, curtains, and accessories. If you find your room too hot with warm tones, try first to inject a few accessories and items in this refreshing shade.


Sometimes, an all-white space needs a pop of colour. If you don’t want to commit to anything too strong, a mint green accent—like this Quaker chair—does the trick.


Mint green makes for a great tint for contrasting combinations. Pink often goes well with this colour, whether its intensity is much stronger (old rose) or almost in the same saturation (carnation pink).

Cover photo courtesy of HGTV


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