Decor Tips for Newbies

Here are quick designing tips for you, first-time homeowner!

Updated on June 16, 2017 9:06 am

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Here are some simple designing tips to help get you started. We've covered the basics, and they're not as hard as you think.

Consider who else is living with you. Think of the other members of your family before making big designing decisions. Says Heather J. Paper, author of Decorating Idea Book, "The most beautiful decorating scheme will fall flat if it's not designed with specific family members in mind. The natural wear and tear that comes from children at play, for instance, has to be considered when selecting new furnishings. Tough-as-nails chenille fabrics are obviously a better choice than delicate silks."

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Prioritise colour. Colour dictates your house's overall mood, so make sure you choose one that a) reflects your personality and b) complements your style. Because there are so many colours to select from, start with your favourite and work around its various tints and shades.

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Go for a theme. "In any successful scheme, there has to be some kind of unifying theme that runs through the room, blending everything together. That's where harmony comes in. Of all design principles, it's perhaps the most vital. Without it, a room lacks cohesiveness," says Paper.

It's all in the (small) details. "Once you have the big picture of your room squarely in sight—including major pieces of furniture and colour choices—it's time to concentrate on individual elements. Do this by simply starting from the outside of the room and working in. Using the patterns and colours in your upholstered pieces as inspiration, select window and wall coverings that will provide the best surround for your scheme. If you want the pieces of furniture to stand out, take an 'art gallery' approach and treat the windows and walls in a subdued way," Paper says.

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Have a ball. Decorating your space means shopping for pieces of furniture and accessories, bonding with your family as you prettify the place together, browsing through scores of mood boards that can easily make you heady with excitement. "As you work through the decorating process, whether you're working on one room or an entire house, take time to enjoy the experience. That's especially true once you get down to the finishing touches. More than anything else, accessories speak to others of your tastes, your travels, your personal experiences, and your family."

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