7 Design Ideas For A Rustic Kitchen

Bring your country vibe to the next level with these ideas.

Updated on March 04, 2019 10:03 am

Stephanie Yee

Design Ideas For A Rustic Kitchen

Rustic designs incorporate natural materials like wood and stone to create the most natural and rugged look at home with a hint of earthy tone. This kind of design does not always have to be used in country homes, as it also works well in urban homes, most especially in kitchens.

If you’re looking for ways to refresh your space, there’s no need to look further. Here are rustic kitchen design ideas that you can pull of in your home:


1. For your rustic kitchen, you can use wood on wood. This home features a wood-panelled island, exposed wood beams, and wooden cabinets. If you really want to go rustic, either you go big (on wood) or go home. Also, notice the industrial touches in this kitchen.


2. If you want to try something different, use this rustic kitchen as your reference. It creates a bold statement as every inch of space is covered with a dark brown hue. Those solid wooden planks on the ceiling give this kitchen an authentic countryside feel.


3. You don’t need to spend bucks on creating a country vibe for your kitchen. This home’s kitchen island is wrapped in chippy blue wainscoting reclaimed from the front porch of the owners. Everything in this kitchen has been either reclaimed or bought at a very affordable price.


4. Add small rustic elements in your kitchen if you're on a limited budget. Use this kitchen as your inspiration—check out the wooden ladder just above the kitchen island and the natural wooden floors. It has the best of both worlds: rustic and contemporary at the same time.


5. A rustic kitchen does not mean you need to cover everything in bare wood. You can add pops of colour to enliven the space. In the kitchen above, the only bare wood is the floor while everything else in the interior is painted in greyish blue. Outdoor colours also work well with the rustic style, like brown, orange, green, and even red. You just have to make sure that the colour will match your personality and be well incorporated with the look.


6. Rugged woodwork is what makes rustic look rustic enough. This country-style kitchen has open shelving units that hold dinnerware as well as other appliances. You can also add an artwork so that your space won’t look bland at all.


7. This kitchen has a perfect mix of elements that a rustic kitchen must have. Its delicate yet expensive look is due to the tin ceiling, dark and heavy wooden kitchen table, and the matching mason jar chandelier inspired by the blue ball jar lights on Pinterest. For a more country feel, the homeowners decided to remove the cabinet doors and added trim on the top for visual interest.

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