5 Dining Room Before-And-After Makeovers

Stunning transformations to inspire you as you update the dining space

Updated on March 05, 2019 8:03 am

Luisa Wong

Dining Room Before-And-After Makeovers

A dining room’s importance should never be undermined because it is also where family members gather and engage with each other. It is important to give your time, money, and effort not just in making this space cheery, vibrant, and aesthetically stylish but also a space that is conducive for a family to grow connected with each other.

You don’t need to break the bank in creating a wholesome space for your family. While renovating a space in your home seems daunting at first, there are a lot of ideas and inspirations that you can take note of to achieve an impressive makeover.

To further help you, here's a compilation of amazing dining area transformations to inspire your home renovation:


1. The dining room of this home looked dark and heavy that’s why the owners renovated it to alter the mood and accommodate a more inviting space for the family. Notice how the paint colour changes everything. By putting a fresh coat of light paint in the room and replacing with sheer curtains that allowed light to pass through, the dining area looked more light, airy, and spacious. Also, the plants seemed to "breathe" new life to the space. The chandelier completed the look.


2. The lack of personality and detail was quite evident in the dining room prior to the makeover. You would want to add a bit of spice in your space by incorporating your character in it. See how the room evolved to a more stylish one with a use of mixed materials: rattan and metal chairs, leather seat, chinawares on the wall, and different lighting fixtures. The result is a dining area that exudes a charming vintage vibe.


3. When sprucing up your dining area, think of it as a blank canvas and you are the artist. Feel free to add necessary details that would make your space look decent and well thought out. The classic and timeless feel of the renovated dining room featured above is a mix of the old and new. To address the blank spaces, the owners took the liberty to DIY some of its details, including the faux fireplace that just upped the design game of this eating area.


4. It really is incredible to see how much a room can change with just a bucket of paint and repurposed furnishings. The fresh coat of grey paint matched the atmosphere needed in this dining room. The modern farmhouse look was completed with the arrival of the dining table featuring X legs and a rustic colour. It perfectly ties up the look of the dining area and all of its decors.


5. Who wouldn’t love an adorable, quirky dining area? The renovated dining and kitchen areas exude an earthy, warm, and coastal vibe, but are still functional and stylish. In bringing the Mediterranean vibe in this space, the designer added a few arches where the corners were squared off. The new backsplash goes all the way to the ceiling, which added height and visual interest to both spaces. In the dining area, the designer paired the bench with a much modern pedestal table that is perfect with bench seating because it is easier to slide in and out without bumping on the table legs. The gallery wall added another layer of chic styling as well as the jute pendant lamp. The earthy vibe continues to the floor with porcelain tiles that looked like weathered terra cotta pieces.

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