Easy Steps to Detox Your Bedroom

Because you deserve a restful slumber in a toxin-free bedroom

Updated on July 17, 2017 11:07 am

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Trouble sleeping? Your environment might be the cause for your seemingly endless battle with insomnia.

"Increasingly, our homes have become toxic. This is a sad and shocking idea to contemplate: the home is supposed to be the heart of our domestic life, a refuge, a haven—how can such a place designed to nourish life make us sick?" observes Richard Leviton, author of The Healthy Living Space: 70 Practical Ways to Detoxify the Body and Home. "So how do you get a healthy living space? You detoxify."

Try these options to get rid of toxins in your precious sleep sanctuary:


1. Keep the air clean.

It's the air you breathe, whether you are awake or dozing off, so it's important to keep it fresh and clean.

  • Purchase an efficient air purifier—one that has HEPA filters that can remove dust, dust mites, allergens, larger tobacco smoke particles, and more. We've listed down some tips when buying a HEPA filter air purifier here.
  • Bring in plants. Further reduce the toxicity in your bedroom by placing some greeneries in one corner. Plants are proven to be a non-toxic and more affordable way of filtering chemicals present in indoor air.
  • "Open the bedroom windows wide as often as you can to reduce the concentration of dust and all other air pollutants in your bedroom, animate and inanimate," says Cheryl Mendelson in Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House.

2. Keep the room as dust-free as possible.

Dust mites have long been the uninvited guests in our bedrooms. Minimise their presence by following these suggestions.

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3. Say no to carpets or rugs in the bedroom.

Ditch these flooring accessories as they collect dust, therefore adding toxins in your room.

4. Use bedroom slippers.

Don't walk around the house collecting dust and dirt, then bringing these to the bedroom!


5. Wash and change bed linens and pillows.

Who wants to lie down and snuggle on a dirty bed? "Weekly, or more often, change and launder sheets and pillowcases. If you use no top sheet, it is probably best to wash whatever bedding is next to your skin on the same schedule that you follow your sheets," suggests Mendelson.

6. Eliminate electronic clutter.

Do not allow non-bedroom activities to take place in the space supposedly meant for sleeping and relaxing. The blue light emitted by electronics is disruptive, especially at night when you've turned off the lights and are ready to sleep.

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7. Allow natural light in.

Sunlight makes you feel better physically and psychologically. Pull curtains back or shades up and let your room be washed in natural light.

8. Remove things that are ruining your sleep.

Feeling grumpy in the morning? These 13 things might be the culprits to your sleepless nights. Time to part ways with them so you can enjoy a comfortable trip to dreamland once again.

How did you detoxify your bedroom? Share with us at hello@cromly.com.

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