15 Top Electrical Safety Tips

Protect your family from accidents and electrical hazards.

Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


Your home should stand a haven—it should make you feel at ease, give you a sense of calm, keep you safe. As you and your family consume electricity every day, it's paramount to prioritise your safety, making sure you keep electrical hazards out of the way. With the help of our friends at ServisHero, we have enumerated these tips that will keep electrical accidents at bay:

1. Keep electrical cords away from sources of water and heat. Also, never ever remove a plug when your hands are wet or you’re touching a metal object.

2. If your cord is frayed, cracked, and showing signs of wear and tear, discard it right away.

3. Avoid yanking the cord from the wall to prevent damaging the appliance and plug.

4. Make sure that the appliance is switched off before unplugging it from the socket.

5. Keep flammable items (books, curtains, bed sheets) a few feet away from lamps and appliances that tend to heat up quickly, like computers and televisions. Also, turn off overheating appliances and allow them to cool down.

6. Avoid overloading sockets. Get extension cords, or better yet, ask a qualified electrician to install additional circuits and outlets.


7. Refrain from placing a cord through a doorway or under a carpet, and organise extra long cords with Velcro straps.

8. Always unplug appliances that are not in use.

9. Never leave a flat iron unattended. And when using a steam iron, make sure you disconnect it from the socket before refilling it with water.

10. When using the microwave, set the cooking times correctly to avoid overheating and fire.

11. Screw light bulbs tightly, and replace flickering lights.

12. Schedule to clean your oven and toaster regularly to prevent a buildup of crumbs. Remove the plug first when you are going to pry something out of the toaster.


13. Appliances that were accidentally immersed in water should be thrown away.

14. When an appliance catches an electrical fire, never douse it with water since water conducts electricity. Use a fire extinguisher instead and call help ASAP.

15. Don't attempt to DIY electrical repair. For electrical installation, maintenance, and repair work, hire a licensed electrician. To compare quotes and check the electrical service professionals in your area, visit ServisHero.

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