Evergreens That Last Beyond Christmas

It’s Christmas all year round with these evergreens.

Updated on June 26, 2017 15:06 pm

Alexis Wang


Here are some evergreens that will retain a small corner of Christmas every day, all year round:


1. Rosemary
Bearing some semblance to a Christmas tree with its needle-like leaves, this woody perennial herb is ideal as a desktop mini-Christmas tree. Prune the leaves and decorate it with some small and light ornaments. Don’t discard the leaves as they can be used to enhance your Christmas meals, or simply sprinkle them around your house for some natural air freshener.


2. Amaryllis
Its extravagant flowers will definitely add a splash of bold colour to your décor, which are most commonly available in red, white, and scarlet. If you are planning a feast, liven up your dining table with a glazed ceramic pot of Amaryllis, or a planter with Amaryllis, pine, and berries.


3. Poinsettia
This showy red and green foliage symbolises the Star of Bethlehem, a cosmic body that led the three wise men to the birthplace of Christ. For an elegant touch, use a white and gold ceramic flower planter. For dinner settings, decorate your plates with a trimmed poinsettia.


4. Pencil Pine
For those with limited space, this miniature conifer is a good alternative to a real Christmas tree. Sprinkle some snow frosting on their needle-like leaves to create a mini winter wonderland.

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Evergreens That Last Beyond Christmas

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