Get Lucky: 5 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Good Fortune Into Your Home

Be your own feng shui master and welcome positive energy into your home.

Updated on September 11, 2017 13:09 pm

Michelle Ong

feng shui for good fortune at home

Even if you’re skeptical towards the good luck that feng shui can bring, you can’t deny a smart concept that can beautify and introduce positive feelings into your home. To ensure your home is a place where good fortune resides, make sure you’re doing these things.

a clean and neat bedroom ensures good feng shui


1. Spring clean.

Getting rid of clutter not only introduces a more harmonious energy into your home, it also puts you in a more positive mood. If you’re not sure where to start, try the place where you start and end your day—your bedroom.

bright and well ventilated spaces create good feng shui for good fortune at home


2. Introduce good quality air and light into your home.

Good quality air and light are essential elements to inviting positive energy in your home. To introduce these elements, open your windows often and add air-purifying machines and plants like aloe vera, gerber daisy, and snake plants into your home.

five elements furnitures for a balanced feng shui


3. Play with different shapes that represent different elements.

Feng shui shapes matter because they allow feng shui energy to settle in. And for good fortune to come your way, you’ll need all five of them. The five elements are wood (rectangular), fire (triangular), earth (square), metal (round), and water (wavy). These can come in specific parts of furniture pieces, such as the cylindrical shape of a lampshade or the rectangular form of a dining table.

a rounded glass vase with healthy plants for good feng shui at home


4. "Nourish" your birth element.

To welcome more fortune into your home, you may want to include items that will benefit your birth element. First, begin by finding your birth element here. Besides reflecting light to all four corners of your home, this also allows good energy to flow through your space.

a bright airy well ventilated space with healthy plants for good feng shui


5. Pay attention to how you feel at home.

The main goal of introducing feng shui into your home is to have a positive effect on your well-being. If you feel good at home, then you’ll know you have succeeded in inviting good luck into it.

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