How to Achieve a Picture-Perfect Scandinavian Living Room

Create a Nordic-inspired living space that features pared-down but pleasing interiors.

Updated on October 04, 2017 8:10 am

Stephanie Yee

How to Achieve a Picture-Perfect Scandinavian Living Room

Its timeless beauty and irresistible sense of charm make the Scandinavian style the preferred interior design theme for many a homeowner. If it's that stunning of a style, where best to implement it than in the area with the most traffic in your home?

Make sure to have any or a combination of these elements and you're on your way to achieving a feel-good Scandinavian living room:

1. White walls


Scandinavian style is famous for its unpretentious simplicity and cleanliness, so painting your walls white is almost the rule of thumb. You'll also soon find out it's easier to decorate the space because of this choice of colour for your wall.

2. Natural light—lots of it


You can kiss your curtains goodbye if you are subscribing to the Scandinavian style of interiors. If you really insist on a window treatment, use sheer or translucent ones as you would want to bathe your living room with natural light.

3. Colour accents


Although neutral and muted colours are characteristic of Scandinavian style, it doesn't mean you can't add a dash of colour to your living room. Pastel-hued accessories that add cosiness to the space have been a favourite of many for years. Some homeowners, however, have started punctuating their homes with darker soft furnishings—accents in navy, teal, and burgundy, as shown in the photo above—for a more dramatic look.

4. Grey sofa


Visit a Scandinavian-themed living room in Singapore, and you'll likely spot a grey sofa in it. It's a must-have in many homes sporting this specific interior design theme—and we need not wonder why. It's a good starting point for decorating the rest of the space. Think: throwing in cute, character-filled cushions and parking a stunning coffee table in front of it.

5. Prints and graphic art on the wall


Here's another common sight in the Scandinavian living rooms you've visited: wall art. Prints and graphic art in large frames, when hung on the wall, act as focal points of the space. Believe us when we say that your guests will forget about the vase on the centre table, but will remember the art on your wall.

6. Greenery


Break the light, muted colour scheme of your Scandinavian-style living room by bringing the outdoors in. Floor plants or potted ones you can strategically place on the centre table or on wall shelves add a certain charm to your living space. Additionally, greenery is a major design trend this year as it was declared Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017. (Tip: Home Decorating With Greenery)

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