How to Add Lots of Style to Your Space with Rugs

Find out how you can make your living spaces look warm, cosy, and chic. One word: carpeting!

Updated on August 08, 2017 16:08 pm

Camille Besinga

styling your home with rugs and carpets

Rugs, a type of carpet that is used to cover only a specific area of a room, come in a variety of patterns, prints, colours, piles, and materials. But one thing all rugs have in common is the fact that it adds lots of style to any space, acting like the deliberate mark punctuating and finishing each room.

Here are some great examples of rooms where rugs were added. Use these to inspire you on how to make your room become more stylish with rugs.

The tribal print rug used in this dining room enhances the warm tones of this country-style cabin.

country style dining room styled with tribal print rug


This carpet enhances the wide scale of room, and cheers up the space with its fun patterns and colours. Check out more designs by Project File Pte Ltd .

tribal print carpet adds a vintage look to simple furnitures

Source: Project File Pte Ltd

A colourful rug acts as a bedside accessory, where one can sink one’s feet into upon waking up or before going to bed.

colourful bedside rug for a youthful and bright style bedroom

Buy: Floral carpet by Goodrich Global

Rugs and throws may also be used as a decorative tablescaping element when folded up and stacked together on a console.

use rugs as decorations for tables


Help a piece of furniture stand out more by using an area rug that will temper down the colour or stain of the floor.

a neutral light colour rug will help bright colour furnitures stand out


Soften the angular lines of your space with the use of fur or long-pile carpet (more popularly known as “shag rugs”).

fur carpets soften the look of the bedroom


Rugs also help in grouping a variety of furniture to be used for one function or area; in this case, the dining space.

a round neutral beige tone rug for the dining area


Layering rugs of different make or material is also a great way of adding an element of texture for interest.

monochrome black and white rug


A black rug in a white living room helps ground the space.

Design by Studio XSML Pte Ltd.

This rug also provides colour and a bit of feminine form in a sombre and masculine space.


Now check out these atypical ways of using rugs in your space.

In the bathroom

small rug for the bathroom


As wall art

using aztec print rug as wall art


As cover for entryway steps


Cover photo courtesy of French by Design

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