How to Cat-Proof Your HDB Apartment

Minimise dangers for your cats in high-rise apartments.

Updated on June 29, 2017 9:06 am

Alexis Wang


Every cat has varying degrees of curiosity, and there are some cats that are brave and creative enough to test the limits of our furniture to their demise. Here are some tips for cat-proofing your apartment to avoid a tragedy:

1. For windows, there is the cheap option of tying plastic or mental wire mesh to existing grills with cable ties. However, an ill-fitting job can cause more danger and cost for refitting. Consider hiring a contractor instead to install a customised window grill that blends in well with your interior.

2. Every electronic item can be a hazard to your cat, and dangling ones such as wires will be creatively used by your cat for chewing, scratching, and playing. These wires can strangle your cat, and the exposed wires can cause electrocution. Bundle your wires or hide them out of reach behind your furniture as they are usually attracted to dangling wires. Spray the wires with cat deterrents such as garlic, lavender oil, and lemon juice.

3. Spray the inside of your garbage bag with bleach water and liquid soap to hide food smells, and wash your garbage bin often to get rid of the food smell. To prevent your cat from jumping into the garbage bins, place something heavy on the lid or get a heavy duty bin with tight-fitting lids.

4. To keep your cats away from opening your cabinets, install child-proof locks or place a rubber carpet runner on places that your cat stands on to reach cabinets.

5. Avoid getting common toxic house plants such as philodendron, lilies, mistletoe, and money plant. If you suspect that your cat has consumed a poisonous plant, clean your cat with warm water to rinse off the plant, and bring the plant to the vet to assist them in the treatment.

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