How to Childproof Your Home (Without Looking Like You Are)

Style and a messy brood can still find common ground.

Updated on January 08, 2018 12:01 pm

Camille Besinga

how to childproof your master bedroom

Before resigning yourself to the fact that your living room will forever have your kids’ toys as part of the décor, take heed: you can have a stylish home even if with a brood of, say, five. All it takes is a few tweaks here and there, and lots of creativity. Let these examples show you how.

how to childproof your master bedroom


Keep things soft and covered. Slipcover armchairs so that spills and stains won’t reach the upholstery. If you’ve got artwork, lamps, or other precious accessories you don’t want knocked over, either screw, hot-glue, or tape them in place. Your lighting fixture is a good venue to showcase something glamorous—chandeliers on the ceiling are well away from little, grasping hands.

using slip covers for chairs and furnitures


If you can, do away with a bed frame or bed post, and lay your mattress on the floor.

a modern minimalist white living room


Embrace minimalist living. Live only with the essentials: a soft and fluffy three-seater, a padded-up armchair, a small coffee table (with accessories in unbreakable material, like acrylic), and a floor lamp.

modern white bedroom with wide and low bed and soft rug


Use built-in furniture and accessories. Bedside lamps built into the side table built in with the headboard—what’s to knock over? The wide rug and low bed even make this bedroom conducive for kids to roll around in.

antique and interesting looking toys act as style of the house


Antique toys and study materials can do double duty too—either as play things (rocking horse), or as décor (vintage study map).

accent colours like teal, blue can camouflage stains


Use “adult” colours and textured materials. While this room is all high gloss and glamour, the textured upholstery provide camouflaging in case of accidents like stains. Padding and carpeting also makes this room bump-proof.

dusty soft pink tent and boxed bed for play room


Create a play area so beautiful, they wouldn’t want to leave the room. A tepee tent and a boxed bed? Can you say “imagination gone wild”?

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