How to Create a Winter Wonderland in your HDB Flat

Check out these DIY ideas on how to create that "chilly" atmosphere at home.

Updated on June 26, 2017 15:06 pm

Alexis Wang


Wish that you could see some winter elements in Singapore? Aside from using airconditioner to lower the room temperature, now you can enhance your winter experience visually with some of these ideas:


1. Stencil frosted windows
Create make-believe winter outdoors by frosting your window and balcony door. Print this snowflake stencil pattern and create various sizes of cardboard cut-out. Tape it on your window and spray away with some artificial snow.


2. Hanging white pom poms
Here’s a cheap and fun bonding activity with your family. String your cotton balls with a fishing line and hang them on a ceiling net. Glue the bottom of your cotton balls with a hot glue gun to prevent them from sliding.


3. Ice-covered wreath
To create an ice-covered wreath, use a hot glue gun and let the glue drip on a piece of wire hook to create natural looking icicles. Once it’s dried, hook the finished product on the wreath. Finish the look with some artificial snow on top of your wreath.


4. Barren winter
Fill a glass with salt and pick some branches from your nearby parks to achieve a barren wintery landscape.


5. White Christmas tree
Instead of the usual green Christmas tree, get a white Christmas tree from Vanda Win, a local specialist in artificial flowers and plants. It looks good with both a simple decoration of fairy lights, and a Tiffany-inspired blue and rose-gold assembly.

6. Decorate your bomb shelter with fake brick wallpaper
Paste some grey bricks wallpaper on your ventilation hole to evoke imaginations of a harsh and long winter.


7. Fridge snowman
Can’t build a snowman? Transform your fridge into a snowman, and open the door anytime to experience the cold winter air all year round.

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