How to Keep Your Bed As Good As New

It's one of the most important investments you'll ever make for yourself, so it pays to maintain it properly.

Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

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They say good mattresses will last you a long time. If you care for it as you should, then it really will—from a decade to as much as 50 years. While this depends in part on who your bed’s manufacturer is (and what it’s made of), the longevity of your bed’s life also relies on how you maintain it. Here are some quick tips on maintenance and upkeep of your mattress, and keep it feeling as if you just bought it yesterday.

1. First things first: Protect your bed. No matter how much you clean your bed and change the sheets, accidents may and will happen. Use a mattress cover—preferably one that uses a barrier fabric that will help keep allergens from burrowing into your mattress—to protect it from stains.

2. Change your sheets regularly. And we do mean, at least once every week. Doing so ensures that dust mites, dander, and other matter (normally invisible to the human eye) don’t do permanent damage to your mattress—and your health. Wash sheets in warm water, as cold water will do nothing to kill those pesky dust mites.


3. Vacuum your mattress from top to bottom, side to side. Do this at least once every two months. This helps get rid of dust mites that have successfully burrowed into your bed’s nooks, crevices, and folds. Attach the upholstery brush onto your vacuum hose, and make sure you go over every surface and corner.

4. Use a proper bed frame. If your bed comes as a set with a box frame, use it. It was manufactured to work well together, so don’t ignore the science behind it. If you have a large mattress—say, a king, California king, or a queen—check if the center of the bed frame has a strong support, or full-width slats. You wouldn’t want your mattress to sag in the middle; that would prove detrimental to your posture, and make sleeping quite uncomfortable.

5. Clean stains gently. Okay, so an accident happened that got your mattress a brand new stain. Work to remove it immediately, for the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove. Also, if the mattress gets wet or moist, try to dry it up immediately; if moisture goes deep into the mattress layers, it might cause mold and mildew to build up. That’s why when cleaning stains, don’t give it a scrupulous soap-scrubbing. Instead, rub dry foam gently onto the stain using a sponge or brush, then dry immediately.


6. Rotate and flip. If you sleep on your bed the same way every night, your body weight leaves an impression on the mattress. And we do mean this literally. To keep the surface and fillings of your bed even for much longer, try to rotate your bed a few times each year—that is, bring the heel part of the bed to the head part. Depending on your bed model and make, it may also do you and your bed well if you flip it over once or twice a year.

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