How to Pick the Right Bed for Your Kids

Take note of these pointers when going shopping for your children’s sleeping berth.

Updated on January 08, 2018 12:01 pm

Camille Besinga

1. The bed frame is not as important as the mattress choice. Your child’s spine and bones are still developing, and sleeping on an improper mattress, like foam or latex, which mould to a child’s body instead of supporting it, may put stress on the spine. Memory foam beds are also not good for children at such a young age. Better to choose a mattress with an innerspring, as it lets your child’s spine develop normally.

Bunk beds by Hommage Lifestyle

2. Bunk beds should be left to kids who have better motor control. Injuries and spills should be avoided, especially for younger children. Monitor their playtime in the bed area, and if possible, let the older, bigger kid stay on the top bunk.

High bunker bed with tepee underneath by Soopsori

Playground bunk bed (with slides and cabinets) by Ibenma Trading Singapore

You can also get bunk beds that have space below for a play area, or one that incorporates a playground into the structure. Again, just make sure that playtime is strictly monitored.

Low bunker bed by Soopsori

3. Toddler beds may be good for kids who have trouble adjusting to a bigger-sized bed, but if your kid has no problems sleeping on an adult-sized bed, it’s better to invest in a good-quality adult-sized one, to minimise having to purchase another bed when your child is bigger.

4. If you are investing in kiddie-sized beds, make sure you invest in one with very good quality, so that you can pass it on to younger kids in the future.

Cilek Cupcake Bedroom by Casa Kidi

Cilek BiConcept Bedroom by Casa Kidi

5. Beds that adhere to a theme, like car racing or princess styles, appeal to a child’s imagination. Splurge on a complete bedroom set, but make sure the mattress is still appropriate for a child with developing bones and muscles.

Bed frame by Hommage Lifestyle

6. Older kids can use bed frames without side railings. These are bed frames they can graduate with to teenhood, and sometimes even to adulthood. The adage "you get what you pay for" holds true for all furniture pieces, so it’s best to invest in high quality bed frames that you kids can still use and perhaps bring with them later in life.

After selecting the right bed for your kids, you can now go furnish them, design their workspaces, or jazz up their playrooms!

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