How to Reduce Home Hazards for the Elderly

Reduce chances of home accidents with these tips

Updated on January 25, 2018 16:01 pm

Alexis Wang

Here are some reminders on how to design a home that's also comfortable for the older people living in the house:

1. Increase natural light during the day.

White or light wall colours help to reflect natural light across the room. A wall mirror doubles as a decoration and is especially useful for increasing light in small or dark rooms. Avoid blocking your window with furniture and pull your curtains back during the day.


2. Lighting at night

Avoid using harsh overhead lighting as it contrasts with the dark areas. Use soft perimeter lights instead such as track lighting or floor lamps with lightly covered shades to diffuse light. Use bright coloured furniture and stow away wires to prevent falls at night.

3. Flooring

Reduce chances of tripping by replacing worn carpeting, and use non-skid flooring in wet areas. Avoid hard materials such as natural stone, brick, ceramic and glass as they are unforgiving material to fall on.


4. Stable chairs

Depending on the need of the elderly. Get chairs with armrests or high backs. Shallow chairs are ideal for homeowners with bad knees. Lift chairs can help them get out of a seated position more easily.


5. Grab rails

Install grab rails in places that are prone to accidents such as bathrooms or areas where the seniors need assistance to stand from a squatting or sleeping position

6. EASE programme

The Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme is open to Singaporean households with a member aged 65 and above, or aged between 60 and 64 who requires assistance for one or more of the activities of daily living (washing/bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility, and transferring). Their subsidised home fixtures include slip-resistant treatment to existing floor tiles of two bathrooms or toilets, grab bars for toilets and ramps within flats. Call 1800 933 2990, 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays excluding public holidays.

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