12 Ideas for Garden-Inspired Interiors

It's time to bring the outdoors in!

Updated on January 12, 2018 8:01 am

Catherine Zhang

Ideas for Garden-Inspired Nooks

Seeing greenery inside your home does not only improve your indoor aesthetics, but also keeps you cool, calm, and relaxed. Having a garden-inspired nook poses a lot of benefits—it feels so refreshing to see greenery and colourful flowers, and smell pleasant aromas in your home.

This year, learn how to bring the outdoors in your cosy interiors by following a tip or two in this list:


1. Create a hanging garden.

An easy way to bring the outdoors inside your home is to add houseplants that you can hang on your walls. These plants do not only add a touch of luscious green to your space, it also purify the air inside your room.


2. Opt for a green colour palette for your interiors.

Choosing a palette with hues plucked from plants and other greens gives the room a contemporary garden-inspired look. Green is such a versatile colour that it can be paired with a variety of colours that matches your nature-inspired interiors.


3. Use pots and urns indoors.

By bringing these outdoor pieces in, you are creating a great mix of texture and composition inside your abode. These empty pots and urns need to be size-appropriate for your space. However, you can be bold in terms of scale. If you are in doubt, opt for a larger size.


4. Repurpose gardening tools.

Watering cans? Rakes? Give your room a garden touch by letting these tools inside. These tools can bring a delightful, earthy sight to your room, and it adds a rustic vibe to your home.


5. Add a whimsical touch with gates and fences.

Make use of wrought iron gates and fences to add colour and variety to your garden-inspired nook. Add low-maintenance, climbing plants to add a bit of greens and dimension to imitate an outdoor garden.


6. You can never go wrong with succulents.

Go gaga over succulents! These kinds of plants grow fast even without a lot of water and TLC. Succulents exude that soft and inviting feel to your home even if these plants don’t bear flowers.


7. Fill the room with vibrant colours.

If you think that going green is a bit too much for you, why not revisit your vases and fill them with flowers? Invite spring inside your home by adding floral plants that have vibrant colours like blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and pink. The vibrant colours are complemented by green leaves and this combination mimics a garden scene.


8. Use glass containers for your mini garden.

If you have a love affair with glass containers, you can maximise these jars by turning them into a terrarium instead of letting them sit on top of your counters. Choose a glass jar that has a wide opening to let your hand in while fixing the terrarium.


9. Floral prints can do magic.

Decorate parts of your home and turn it into a picturesque garden by using floral prints. Throwpillow cases, table napkins, tablecloths, and linens with floral prints can lend a wonderful garden-ish vibe to your home.


10. Let your walls wow.

If your space is too small for plants, you can still include that garden feel. Use floral wallpapers to cover your bare walls or you may choose a painting or print of a beautiful landscape or plant you would love to display. Place it well in your home and let it transport you closer to nature in just one gaze.


11. Play with scents.

You can never go wrong with using scents in achieving a garden-inspired place. Citronella and lavender are the most popular choices as these scents do not only freshen up the space, it also repel mosquitoes and other insects.


12. Turn windowsill into a mini garden.

Your home’s windowsill is the perfect place to utilise as a garden nook. The corner allows ample sunlight to pass and its height can add a level of privacy. Smaller plants will be easier to take care of but don’t leave out the sun-loving perennials that will be more happy with this kind of setup.

With these indoor tips, you are off to create a beautiful sanctuary inside your abode. You can never feel disconnected from nature anymore as you are surrounded with greens in the comfort of your own home.

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