8 Improvements to Make in Your Home Office

Here's a New Year's resolution: be more productive even when you're working at home. How? Start by improving your home office.

Updated on December 28, 2018 8:12 am

Catherine Zhang

Improvements to Make in Your Home Office

As more and more people work from home these days, it is important to curate a space that will enhance your productivity and creativity, which are vital as you hone a stellar career. Taking time to find the perfect setup is a worthy investment.

Turn your once boring space into an inspiring one with these tricks:

1. Add a splash of green.

Having plants around is proven to improve one’s health, so it is time to add a splash of green in your work station. If you are nervous about taking care of plants, you can just add a succulent on your desk. You’ll see that it will boost your mood once you take a glance at this green baby while beating deadlines.

2. Remove all distractions.

It is essential to get rid of things that may cause distraction. Keeping a television set by your desk might make you procrastinate. These kinds of items might hinder you from working well so better remove them all at once.

3. Replace your desk lamp with one that has soft glow.

Exposure to natural lighting throughout the day has positive effects on your mental and physical health. However, it is important to pay extra caution to the level of light that you’re working under during nighttime. Replace your usual desk lamp with softer lighting to keep your workspace warm, happy, and inviting. You’ll need a friendly space for your eyes when you work late.

4. Keep things organised.

The best way to keep things organised is to install a white board, a bulletin board, or a chalkboard on the wall right in front of your desk. This way, you can easily see your tasks and responsibilities. Keeping everything important in front of your eyes means you’ll always be in control of all your duties and deadlines.

5. Tame your cords.

Working from home also means dealing with a lot of electronic devices. Manage your excessive cords by using cord holders or double-sided velcro.

6. Find a good chair.

Sitting for long hours can pose serious health risks. It is important to get something ergonomic to keep you comfortable while working. It is also a must to get one that is ergonomic in order to support the spine and keep tissues and joints in a neutral position.

7. Accentuate your wall with something brightly coloured.

Your home office should spark creativity. Avoid having a boring space by using a bright-coloured wallpaper or paint on your desk wall. Or if you want to keep your space white, you can add pieces of art that will enliven your space.

8. Install speakers.

Sometimes, people are motivated to work when there is music playing in their background, so it's also nice to have speakers in your home office. Create a work playlist that is upbeat and invigorating but not distracting.

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