Living Room Checklist

Give your entire home an instant lift by making your living room shine.

Updated on June 12, 2017 11:06 am

Samantha Echavez


Give your entire home an instant lift by making your living room shine. The living room, by default, is the centrepiece of every home. This is where you receive guests, watch television, and convene with family for post-dinner gabfests.

Turning your living room into a lovelier space entails discarding broken furniture and outdated accessories, adding sparkly and statement-making pieces—basically making sure your space meet this checklist of essentials:

1. Comfy and cosy sofa

It's the star, the focal point, the main attraction of any living room, so you could say that yes, this is non-negotiable. Look for a sofa that meets your lifestyle needs: Will you use it sparingly, i.e., will it be only reserved for receiving guests? Or will the entire family converge here night after night? Whatever purpose it may serve, make sure the sofa you get comes in high-quality and durable fabrics and classic and clean colours.

Design by Add Space Design Pte Ltd

2. Coffee table

After scoring the sofa, look for a coffee table that complements it, and is functional and stylish. You can have a round coffee table, a classic glass table top, or a softer and puffy ottoman. Clutter is something we don't like in any living room so use this coffee table to neatly display a couple of coffee table books, vase, or magazines.

3. Cabinet

Television, photo frames, hardbound books, travel curios, Chinese porcelain ornaments…how will they exactly fit inside your living room? Plan your living room storage: open shelves for your cherished possessions, media cabinet for your television and other electronics, and sideboards to keep clutter away.

4. Good lighting

Because the living room is an intimate space, lighting has to be inviting and at the same time functional. Create layers of light, with each layer serving its own purpose: task lights for reading, ambient lights to invoke a mood, accent lights to emphasise other features in your living room. Want a grand statement-making space? Throw in a classic chandelier.

5. Rug

An area rug creates a bold stylish statement in any living room. Before selecting one, consider the traffic in your living room and your lifestyle. If kids and pets are around, steer clear from high-priced ones and choose one with darker colours and patterns. No kids and pets? Then, splurge away!

6. Accents and Accessories

Display treasured home accessories, artifacts, and objet d’arts in your living room—they make your space more intimate and personal. Whether it is a prized artwork or a beautiful Oriental vase, these accents will provide a luxurious finishing touch to your living room.

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