How to Make Your Home Look Happy

Spruce up your home and watch your happiness level shoot up.

Updated on July 03, 2017 20:07 pm

Samantha Echavez


These tiny tweaks offer big-time, mood-boosting rewards. Turn your place into a liveable wonderland with these tips:

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1. Colour me happy. Don’t be afraid of bright colours. Paint your bedroom wall red or the entire room yellow… or if you can’t make that commitment yet, try using a bright and bold colour as an accent. "Your environment is essential to your mental balance," says Leatrice Eiseman, author of Colors for Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors. "There is no place where the influence of color is felt more keenly than in the place you call home. The right color and color combinations will stimulate and relax your senses, release happy memories, reflect how you and your family feel about each room, and how you relate to each other there."

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2. Let the sunshine in. We love shutting the curtains and hibernating in our dimly lit room, but this time, part them open and welcome the sunlight with open arms. Rethink your window treatments and ditch the heavy drapery. Build a sunroom. And if you want to bathe yourself in bright and beautiful natural light the entire day, install a skylight.


3. Grow a green thumb. You will find yourself smiling the minute you step out of the house and into your own garden. There is nothing quite like seeing an assortment of plants, flowers, butterflies, and other vividly radiant insects right at your own backyard. Gardening will not only dress up your home instantly—it will also help you burn calories and reduce your stress levels.

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4. Repeat after me: “From now on, I will live clutter-free.” For once and for all, kick clutter away from your life. It will surely turn your house into a breathable and vibrant space. “A messy and disorganised house is not inviting; it is not a place for you to relax and rejuvenate. Instead, it demands that you spend time and energy on trying to make some sort of improvement,” says Sandra Felton, co-author of 5 Days to a Clutter-Free House: Quick, Easy Ways to Clear Up Your Space. “You deserve better than that. You can have a home that refreshes and inspires you.”


5. Display artworks you love. It's no Monet, but take pride in hanging that funky piece of artwork you bought from a side street. Look for perky photos and paintings you can hang on your wall.

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